War! . . . What is it good for? . . . Profits!

War . . . war . . . war.

So many wars.

So little time.

Who remembers the great song released in 1970 called War by Edwin Star:

War, huh, yeah.
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.
Uh-huh. War, huh, yeah …

Absolutely nothing?

While the lyrics were great and an inspiration to the anti-war movement, which was railing against the Vietnam War at the time, unfortunately war is good for something.


The U.S. is the biggest exporter of weapons in the world.

One great thing about all of this killing hardware, much of which will ultimately be turned around and used against us by terrorists or former-friends now-enemies:  We can proudly point to the label on each and every weapon, one which isn’t seen very often these days on much of anything else . . .


My heart swells with such patriotic pride on this Memorial Day weekend to know that we’re applying so much American ingenuity and hard work to keeping our corporate defense contractors and their CEOs rolling in the dough.

Gosh . . . I’m getting all teary-eyed!

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  • I understand your outrage, sir, but my sympathy lies for the common men and women like myself who joined the military for any of number of reasons and, especially, those who were conscripted into battle. Can’t we put poetical sarcasm aside for one day and just think about how it could be if anyone of else got caught up in circumstances beyond their control and leaving families shattered when they never returned home. It’s a day of remembrance for me, not glorification of the fruitlessness of war which I agree is absurd.

    • I don’t see an incompatibility here. My outrage is born out of the senseless and cruel manipulation of the common man chasing profits for the rich. The price regular citizens are forced to pay is the ultimate price, whether it be life, limb or sanity. If more people see the callous role of corporations in putting profit before people, we will have in the future fewer men and women to grieve over. This does not dishonor those who in good faith and trust in their leaders in the past have served their country. If anything it highlights their selfless sacrifice.

      • George Polley

        I agree with both of you. The war machine is kept fueled by the weapons industries and those political leaders who share in the profits, “grunts” be damned. I came inches from one of them; the Korean War hostilities ended 3 weeks from when my Navy Reserve unit was to be called up. An uncle returned from France following WW1 an emotional basket case. It’s men like Richard “Dark-Side” Cheney who profit from making war.

        • The victims of this crass exploitation far outnumber the perpetrators. It’s time we united and did something about it.

          • George Polley

            Agreed, but how (and where) to begin?

          • I am right now completing a book which aims right at the heart of the MIC and uses the abuse of the public trust as a lever for a huge paradigm shift in America’s electoral politics. If my strategy works, all of the play-for-pay politicians who are toadies for this kind of crony capitalism will be replaced by progressive-minded public servants who put the interest of the American people first. The book is called “Candidate Contracts: Taking Back Our Democracy, A Step-by-Step Plan for Radical Electoral Reform and 3rd Party Empowerment.” Everyone should familiarize themselves with this and we can turn America around. The book will be out no later than June 12.

  • Anonymous

    Every year the U.S. Military demands to be given more and more money to so-called “keep us safe” by researching and building more and more weapons to “Kill Human beings.” The Military’s main business plan is “Killing Human beings” and then glorifying how they do it. Recently “Snipers” have been in the “Hero” spotlight and praise and glory in celebration is given and awarded to the Sniper with the record amount of “Kills” they’ve accomplished in their career. Yeah, that’s something to be really proud of and at family reunions the Sniper can tell story after story of each victim he raised in their sights and can share with everyone about all of the decapitations he personally executed with his high power rifle and other victims he completely cut the bodies in half with the explosive rounds he used creating a cement wall backdrop canvas decorated with the explosive blood splatter donated instantly from each victims body. Then there are the homecoming parades for the celebrated Sniper a true patriot and warrior of the “good fight” in the name of God. Next the book and then movie and endless appearances and speeches at colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools inspiring the youth to consider joining the “Armed Services” so they can “fight” for their country. I have always found it strange that the U.S. Government encourages young people to become sanctioned killers and to devote their life to killing because of a concept, idea, and theory they’ve accepted as being one of the highest callings in life. Personally, I prescribe to feeling the experience of Peace and Happiness in my life and Know that it’s possible for each and every living Human being on the face of this earth to also experience this feeling for every day of their life. Trillions of dollars is spent by the U.S. promoting war and how much is being spent promoting Peace and Happiness and I’m not talking about a cease fire which by no definition is Peace.

    • Excellent comment! The disinformation is thorough and overwhelming. The plutocrats control the narrative and we slobber it up with the cravings of shallow and false patriotism. The stark reality is completely erased and replaced by simplistic cartoon caricatures. It’s beyond brainwashing. It’s . . . it’s . . . BRAINBLEACHING!

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