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“P. S. I Love You!”

For a tiny, some would argue sociopathic minority, ‘more’ is never a question. It’s an answer! The only answer. Continue reading

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The Endorsement Bernie Should Have Given Hillary Clinton

This is how a principled politician behaves, one whose political and moral values are beyond compromise, one who has the courage to provide real leadership in a time which cries for enlightened and unselfish men and women to step forward. Continue reading

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Kingda Ka, oh baby!

Nothing like the thrill of a high-speed roller coaster and the boredom of sitting in a traffic jam. America is a land of contradictions. Or is that contrariness. Continue reading

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Just a little . . .

It’s easy to confuse the little questions with the big questions. Language itself is often imprecise and misleading. Yet at other times it offers the appearance of an exactitude which is unwarranted, or at least inapplicable. Can we see the difference when we need to? Have we become so smart that we are outsmarting ourselves? Have we become victims of a conflation of logic and hubris? Continue reading

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Is this really happening?

Anyone out there who is running for the Senate or the House, anyone out there who knows someone who is running for the Senate or the House, or anyone out there who knows what the Senate and the House of Representatives do . . . please look at my new activist website: Continue reading

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