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Deep-State Doppelgängers

I now have proof that voting is a complete waste of time. Whoever is elected will immediately be disappeared by the Deep State security agencies and replaced with a robot which you and I will not be able to detect is a fake. Then this deep-state controlled doppelgänger will do and say what it is programmed to. You and I will never be the wiser. Don’t believe it? Ha! I got this from my reliable “Washington insider” contact, a Latvian taxi driver from Youngstown, Ohio who I talk to frequently on citizens band radio. So November 8th, save yourself the trouble. Just stay home and watch the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Continue reading

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Russian Roulette

This presidential election is like playing Russian roulette. Voting for Hillary Clinton means they will load six bullets, filling the cylinder. Voting for Donald Trump means they will insert five bullets, leaving one chamber open. Voting for Jill Stein means there will be no bullets in the gun. Gosh … what should I do? Last time I checked, my skull wasn’t bulletproof. Continue reading

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Thought Experiment

Call me silly, but common sense and the wisdom conferred by reading a little history tells me that making life better for all Americans is preferable to spending the money creating chaos, suffering, death and destruction across the globe. Does that make me a socialist? A hippie? A peace-and-love Pollyanna? Continue reading

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There were over 28,000 Prince deaths last year.

America is being medicated into a stupor. Television is a drug of sorts but that’s another topic. Kids of all ages are being medicated, painkillers and psychotropics (anti-depressants, anti-psychotics) are promoted with the same abandon as fast food, Pokemon Go and lingerie. We have a War on Drugs which is a running joke, an FDA in the pockets of Big Pharma, a 15-year war in Afghanistan which revived its poppy production and the country is now responsible for 90% of the world’s heroin. In the U.S., addiction is skyrocketing, deaths by overdose are skyrocketing, abuse of prescription drugs is skyrocketing, Big Pharma profits are skyrocketing. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Continue reading

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Just Making A Buck

America is the biggest arms exporter in the world. We sell some of the most efficient killing equipment ever manufactured, the most lethal and devastating weaponry in the history of the world. Then we wonder why there’s so much death and destruction as wars break out, as jihadists seek revenge, as terrorists inflict their homicidal and genocidal agenda on anyone that gets in their way. It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s like a person jumping into a lake and wondering why he’s wet. We reap what we sow. Continue reading

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