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Mobilization Without Method Is Meaningless

If there is any doubt about my message, here it is: To mobilize people behind any cause, regardless of how worthy that cause is, regardless of how intrinsically appealing it may be to get these folks marching, singing, chanting, shouting for that cause, if there is no clear strategy which targets an equally clear and obvious outcome, with a realistic expectation that the strategy will achieve that outcome, then the mobilization is a waste of time. Some forethought, planning, disciplined and targeted activism goes much further than making a lot of noise. Continue reading

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Dealing With A Serial Killer

There’s a serial killer on the loose. Eight to ten people a month have been murdered over the past several years. This has got to stop! So decide to get tough and pull out all of the weapons at our disposal: We take out full-page ads in the newspaper, have street demonstrations. We sell t-shirts, have lots of expert discussion on TV, we send emails, mount a huge telephone campaign, have a Town Hall meeting, and even organize a petition! It’s a smashing success. Everyone (who’s still alive) signs the petition! For some reason the killing doesn’t stop. Where did we go wrong? Continue reading

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One Million Today, One Hundred Million Tomorrow

I propose a million person march on each of the major political conventions. Wednesday August 29th – One million marchers in Tampa, Florida. Wednesday September 5th – One million marchers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Continue reading

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Is President Obama Under House Arrest?

What is going on now in Wisconsin is an inspiring display of good, patriotic Americans demanding that the vampirish bloodletting of the American economy by the corporate elite be stopped and the viability of the middle class be restored. Continue reading

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