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VIDEO BLOG: Open up the debates!

I’m challenging Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to show they can handle some real competition by including Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in the debates. I’m also letting CNN know that if they don’t push for this, they’re passing up the biggest windfall in the history of U.S. politics. Continue reading

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Deep-State Doppelgängers

I now have proof that voting is a complete waste of time. Whoever is elected will immediately be disappeared by the Deep State security agencies and replaced with a robot which you and I will not be able to detect is a fake. Then this deep-state controlled doppelgänger will do and say what it is programmed to. You and I will never be the wiser. Don’t believe it? Ha! I got this from my reliable “Washington insider” contact, a Latvian taxi driver from Youngstown, Ohio who I talk to frequently on citizens band radio. So November 8th, save yourself the trouble. Just stay home and watch the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Continue reading

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Candidate Contracts: Replacing Bad Brains With Good Brains

The brains of our elected officials, the monsters who roam the two legislative bodies of our government, the Senate and the House of Representatives, have been corrupted by money, effectively destroyed, are now lacking the capacity to fulfill their constitutional mandate. They no longer are controlled by the citizens who elected them to office. These bad brains now are exclusively the lapdogs of the rich and powerful. We must replace the bad brains. Continue reading

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