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The Red White and Blue Color Revolution

There is only one solution to the mess our country is in . . . regime change in Washington DC. Bring democracy to America, shared wealth and bounty, peace and the good life! Call it the ultimate color revolution. The Red White and Blue Color Revolution! Continue reading

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Give Peace A Chance

America thinks it can bluster and bluff and use color revolutions to nudge Putin out of office and install some bloated puppet in his place like they did with Poroshenko in Ukraine. Russia is not Zimbabwe, Iraq, or Yemen. It’s not Grenada or Haiti. Russia is not going to be intimidated by a schoolyard bully. America’s aggression and infantile games can only end badly. Time for it to reverse course and cut its losses. Continue reading

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Isn’t it about time to stop this ugly business?

The U.S. has become the most prolific sponsor of coups in history but I see that soon coming to an end with one last epic regime change. This one will be the ouster of the imperial lunatics in the current administration, an epic game-changer that will be the mother of all coups and will put the rest of the world at ease, at least for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

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