Exploring Shey Gompa outside of Leh, Ladakh in northern India.

My latest book release offers a strategy for incentivizing citizens to start talking about and embracing peace.  Endless wars are bankrupting our country financially and morally, and setting the stage for nuclear war.  You can read about it here.

My campaign for citizens effecting regime change in Congress is here:  CFAR2018.COM

My campaign promoting the unique Peace Dividend concept here:  PEACEDIVIDEND.US

And, of course, I continue to write quirky, sometimes controversial, occasionally satirical essays, as ongoing commentary on our volatile, convoluted and often terrifying times. These blogs are located on my Slow Bullets page.


Since leaving America in August 2006, I’ve traveled to 34 countries. A great deal certainly has happened.  I’ve written eight full-length novels, the most recent ones being The Man Who Loved Too Much trilogy and Petrocelli.  I also have had over thirty short stories and seven poems published, wrote three non-fiction political polemics, and even found some time to compose a number of songs.  My most recent is a holiday ode, performed with my lovely and talented wife.

In my travels I have experienced quite a lot and had a few ideas along the way.  This site is to share my thoughts, photos, music, writings, travel experiences, and developing political and social commentary with you.  I hope you find it interesting and informative.


John Rachel has a B. A. in Philosophy, has traveled extensively, is a songwriter, music producer, novelist, and evolutionary humanist.  He has spent his life trying to resolve the intrinsic clash between the metaphysical purity of Buddhism and the overwhelming appeal of narcissism.  Prompted by the trauma of graduating high school and having to leave his beloved city of Detroit to attend university, the development of his social skills and world view were arrested at age 18.  This affliction figures prominently in all of his creative work.

Since 2008, when he first embarked on his career as a novelist, he has had 8 fiction and 3 non-fiction books published.  These range from three satires and a coming-of-age trilogy, to a political drama and now a crime thriller.  The three non-fiction works were political, his attempt to address the crisis of democracy and pandemic corruption in the governing institutions of America.

With the publication of his most recent novel Petrocelli, a gruesome story about human trafficking for prostitution, he has three more novels in the pipeline:  Love Connection, a drug-trafficking thriller set in Japan; Sex, Lies, and Coffee Beans, a spoof on the self-help crazes of the 80s and 90s; then finally, The Last Giraffe, an anthropological drama and love story involving both the worship and devouring of giraffes.  It deliciously unfolds in 19th Century sub-Saharan Africa. 

The hyperactive Rachel has also just completed a creative non-fiction work, which resists easy categorization, cryptically titled What Do Mermaids Eat?   It might be classified as a fantasy/travel/cookbook.  He began writing it in Japan and completed during a recent visit to the Philippines and Myanmar.

Also in the works is a creative non-fiction work, The Naked American.  It is allegedly an account of author Rachel’s travels since leaving America August 2006, but more likely the product of the voices in his head which have plagued him since puberty.

A number of prominent publishers have declared that they will do everything in their power to make sure these new books never see the light of day.  The stage is set for an epic showdown.

The author’s last permanent residence in America was Portland, Oregon where he had a state-of-the-art ProTools recording studio, music production house, a radio promotion and music publishing company.  He recorded and produced several artists in the Pacific Northwest, releasing and promoting their music on radio across America and overseas.

John Rachel now lives in a quiet, traditional, rural Japanese community, where he finds undiminishing delight in the ringing of temple bells three times a day by monks at a local Shinto shrine.  These days he is mostly immersed in good vibrations.

  • Great Shòw!

    Bacio di Reiki 😉

  • Eva

    Very Nice John. Like it a lot

    • Mohamed Shukry

      Great blog great ideas, onwards and upwards

  • Janlouise

    Your introduction makes me want to read more…nI can always “hear” a hint of dark humor and sarcasmnIn your writings. nWell done John !

  • Kiva

    John, I just looked through your site and it confirmed that you are one of the most creative people i have ever met. I am so glad that you have devoted this time to travel,exploration, inspiration, and creation. Wow. Us mere mortals must just enjoy it in awe.nBig hugs, nGlenda

  • Helen

    Wowe JD, your action packed life reads like a novel! If I could only travel to one or two of the countries you have been to I would be happy. Thanks for your inspiration. I look forward to hearing about your future.

  • Les Aaron

    i like what you u00a0say, John. u00a0You remind me of me in my youth. u00a0Restless, always on the go, new adventures. u00a0I started my first book when Castro was in the hills in Cuba and I finished it in Korea. u00a0I was offered all kinds of work along the way. From buying into gold mines in Asia to being an Adviser outside of Saigon, (which I had accepted)…Thanks for signing on. u00a0We’ll be looking forward to your left of left input. u00a0nnBest wishes,nnLes Aaron

  • TTallmadge

    Sounds like Pulnick represents most of our south,and midwest.

    • That’s correct, though the entire country shares some of the pathologies of those regions.n

      • Paul Harvey

        Absolutely, you’ll find the scared/clueless/superstitious folk everywhere.u00a0 And its not just America.u00a0 The only thing I find truly disheartening is, in an age where we literally have the world of information at our fingertips, Americans seem more gullible than ever.

        • It’s a cruel irony.

        • hoss2013

          Due to constant pounding by CNN/FOX and the Cult of Widescreen TV. If Americans would turn off the TV they would have a much better change to come to their senses. However to do that you NEED TO KNOW WHY you want to turn it OFF. There they have a problem, IMHO.

        • Jim Fuge

          The assumption is if we could know we would want to know.Not so. Willful Ignorance reigns supreme!

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    Wow John! Amazing history of you! So happy I requested your friendship!

  • You, JD, are living the dream for a lot of us.

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    He is a Good, interesting and Focused Man. May the Lord Bless the work of your Hands JD!

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    Want to say “ditto” to Barbaraorhyan’s comment! So glad we’ve become friends!

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    Will have your novels this weeknn

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    Very interesting…..it reminded me of the TED.com video I saw about Thailand and condoms.u00a0 It was great for shits and giggles and VERY EFFECTIVE public health initiative.u00a0 I don’t know if you have ever seen a TED video, but with your Thai connection, you will be amused by this one.u00a0 nI was curious what made you leave your career in the USA?

    • The music business quit me at the height of my creative output.u00a0 Just proves that the old idiom about hard work being rewarded with success is a deception.u00a0 Plus, I was very disenchanted with the direction the U.S. was going under George W.u00a0 My decision proved to be both prescient and very personally rewarding.n

    • The music business quit me at the height of my creative output.u00a0 Just proves that the old idiom about hard work being rewarded with success is a deception.u00a0 Plus, I was very disenchanted with the direction the U.S. was going under George W.u00a0 My decision proved to be both prescient and very personally rewarding.n

  • Dvanhous

    you were with Curtis Saldago (sp?), yes?

  • Geoff

    “Anwise man can see more from the bottom of a well than a fool can from a mountainntop”. and au00a0closednmouth, gathers no foot :ox u00a0 u00a0 u00a0:o)

  • Umesh Kumar Pokharel

    Dearu00a0 brotheru00a0 John,nI went throughu00a0 your web siteu00a0 andu00a0 veryu00a0 impressed with youru00a0 novelsu00a0 . I would likeu00a0 to readu00a0 youru00a0 novels . Would it be possibleu00a0 for me to get it .nI appreciateu00a0 your great vision!nwithu00a0 regardsnUmeshu00a0 Kumar Pokharel

    • Thanks for your kind words. Sites for novels are listed on the Books page of this site. Just go to the menu at the top of every page and click on ‘Books’. Or go directly to this URL … http://jdrachel.com/books/.

  • Anonymous

    I am really intrigued now by what I’ve read so really want to get your books.u00a0 Yes, 11-11-11 does sound eerily familiar.u00a0 I look forward to reading about the people of Pulnick for I am quite sure that I shall recognize some of the characters!!n

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    I am certain intriqued now and want to read your book, especially 11-11-11.u00a0 I am sure that among the people in this town, I shall recognize that that I know.n

  • thegriffin

    . . .I am looking forward to sharing words and thoughts with you.I lived in Iwakuni Japan for 5 months in 1969u00a0and really enjoyed the culture of Japan.nTake care on your travels and I will look forward to your posts.u00a0

  • Michelle

    It’s people like you who make this world turn – and the people even more!nThanks a lot John!n~Michelle Ferreira~

    • Thanks for the kind words! Just trying to find the love and spread it around when I can.

  • I love what you do, you seem to realize youru00a0 artistic and intellectual dreams….fantastic

    • I live in a bubble and the biggest issue is keeping the inner surface clean so I can continue to view the amazing things going on around me. Windex makes me sneeze, so I now using vinegar and water.n

  • Ritewriter73

    I’m reading through your stuff, I do believe you are right,; despite completely differing life paths, our thinking is earily similar! 🙂 I have never been to Japan although it’s on my to-do list. As a truck driver I’ve seen every corner of America but I admit that I am extremely jealous of your world travel experences! Bernadette

    • I grew up very poor and spent most of my life trying to “catch up”. In 2005-2006 I was visited by a series of personal and professional disasters. It took a while as I watched in disbelief as my so-called empire and perfect life crumbled around me but finally I decided to walk away from the American dream and have not looked back. With virtually no discernible material wealth, with practically no ties to my home country (though I deeply care about America and worry about its future), I now roam the world. If I am hit by a bus, trampled by a herd of water buffalo or fall off a cliff, so be it. I am living a fairy tale life, which while it often lacks many of the conveniences and certainly the familiarity of life back home, is full of surprises and wonders. I feel like a child again. Wide-eyed and learning about worlds I never knew existed. I recommend it for anyone who has the audacity to make the leap.

  • Gia777gia

    Wow! my new friend, you have extraordinary talent! I`m so pleased to have you accept my friend request on fb. I`m always pleased to me fellow or sister writers to bounce ideas off of.u00a0nI`m going to call my book store to see if I can order in your books. I live in Northern BC HIGH in the mountains. Henceforth not too many luxuries here. Regardless great to meet and read you!nLove and light Gia

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    Thanks for sharing your life and your work!nnI look forward to reading more.n

  • Isam dababseh

    happy to be friends.I have read that you visited 17 countries,have you ever visited Palestine? or do you plan to visit it? have a nice trips,hope to meet you.n

    • I have visited Israel and traveled through part of the occupied territories. It is a beautiful part of the planet and I hope to return.

  • Kathy

    I bet you’ve had some wonderful Asian meals! What may I ask are your favorite meals?

    • There are so many amazing dishes here in Asia, it is hard to say which are my favorite. I have truly learned to appreciate both rice and noodles as a “base” for any meal and am learning to cook many things as I go. Here in Japan, most meals are seafood based and I am totally addicted to salmon and fish paste.

  • william boroughs was an ex pat in tangier, ever been?nu00a0

    • Have not made it to Tangiers . . . not yet anyway. Let’s go! Meet me there.

  • Alec Wisner

    I shared this link on Facebook so that my other friends could discover your new novel.u00a0

  • Shellibuda

    I am very proud to have you as my friend!u00a0 You are an amazing guy…and I really value your talent!nShelli Budan

    • Thanks for your flattering words. It is morning here in Japan. The birds are singing. I am finishing up a cup of Vietnamese coffee. It’s a perfect day for a bike ride if it doesn’t rain. Then back to work on “12-12-12” (over 100 pages so far … I think I will only have to delete 99 of them).

  • Leslie Perkins

    you have a very interesting life and i look forward to reading your work.u00a0 thank you for accepting my friend request.

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    Very interesting. u00a0you are an a philosopher and adventurer. u00a0Looking forward to reading your books.n

  • Marcia Reimers

    Hi John, While I don’t claim to be a writer I think you will enjoy some of my Letters to the President, or LTTP’s, as I like to call them. I will most certainly look for your books… are then available as an e-book? I prefer to download my books… it’s the whole save a tree thing. Thanks again for accepting my friend request and I look forward to any comments you may have on my LTTP’s.nCheers and have a great day.

  • Marcia

    Forget the question I just asked about e-books… I just clicked on 11-11-11 and answered my own question… I guess I should learn to read first, ask questions later… sorry.

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    A process of compilation that appears both intriguing and rewarding. This assembly of information is my life.

  • Very Kewl.

  • Hi, John,nnRobert Van den Bosch here, aka ekstatik. Originally from Chicago, I have lived in Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and now, Laos. It’s a big, beautiful world! Personal peak experience: trekking in Nepal; like time travel — very enjoyable for a history buff. vandenboschrob@yahoo.com

    • Good meeting you. I lived in Nepal for three months but was working on a novel. So I only did the Poonhill Trek out of Pokhara. Great country, though they seem to be in constant political turmoil. But the people are fantastic and I met some very interesting travelers there. Let’s keep in touch.

  • Eugenia Dana C.

    very nice John….keep in touch…love, Eugenia

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    My son is the City Administrator for Brownsburg Oregon.u00a0 He has written some beautiful songs and plays and of course, performs for all kinds of events.u00a0 Creative people are very interesting….hard working and hard playing.u00a0 Nice to make your acquaintance and hope you share some of your other talkents with all of us.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the link to this blog, John Rachel. I can’t wait to read more of it.nnnI have also removed Pulnick, Iowa from my list of potential vacation spots.nnCheers!nnTom Degannnhttp://www.tomdegan.blogspot.com

    • I hear Pulnick is undergoing a facelift. The city council just approved painting the bird bath in front of town hall. They are also hoping to revive their tourist industry by turning the annual community quilting tea party into something that is more appealing to the young people. Unfortunately, their offer of $500 to Lady Gaga to come and perform was rejected.

  • John you are a very interesting man. I am so happy that I found and requested youru00a0friendship. Looking forward to reading more.. u00a0u00a0u00a0

  • Louha Sra

    hi nI want to askHave you visited North Africa???

    • I have not, though when I first started traveling I planned on starting in Morocco.

  • Bertha

    Nice meeting you on Facebook, John – you are a very interesting man, as is your lifework.u00a0 I will conitnue to follow you on FB and this site.

    • Thanks for your flattering assessment. Life is certainly a rip and a roll sometimes. Often I am just glad to have survived and been a witness to the extremes of my own folly.

  • Risenwordsong

    You are adventurous! I admire that quality. Kudos to you. Your book sounds timely.u00a0 America is plagued by stupidity, ignorance, misinformation, political manipulations, etc. You would think that in the 21st century we would be further along in our social development…xo

    • I am working on the sequel right now, unimaginatively titled “12-12-12”. It picks up where “11-11-11” leaves off, is also very dark and absurdist satire, but is a lot more political.

  • Jack Rivall

    Looking forward to it, John. Be in touch!

  • Dave N Borden

    I’d just come up with “Dumbtown” the Complete Idiots guide to the intelligence community.nWe’d rented our Bogota condo, and Panther could relax while I taught class on the Thai/ Cambo border. In 2001 September, some clown-head turned on that big vacuum, and it sucks more everyday…u00a0 John, don’t ever look back!

    • Great comment! I can’t imagine ever returning to the U.S., except for an occasional short visit. Certainly never to live. I canceled my membership in the Masochists Club. Next I’m heading to Taiwan, then Indonesia and either Myanmar or the Philippines. I’ll be finishing up my new book “12-12-12” and of course doing anything I can to further the promise of world revolution. The intel today is way too sophisticated to fight on its own terms. The only way to deal with it is to become invisible. Or as they put it, to reduce one’s radar signature. I’m pretty sure I’m off the radar. Where I travel there isn’t much radar. Sometimes there isn’t even any electricity.

  • Cynthia bowman

    my birthday so happened to be 11-11-11…interesting.n

    • That is amazing! You write very well for someone who is only 16 days old.

  • Melfromhell1968

    Hi its mel eder from fzcebook, your bloos sounds really interesting, I have not yet read your books, are they avilable in australia?

    • I don’t know if my books are in the stores there in Australia. But you can certainly get them online. The links for “11-11-11” are below. Or you can go to http://jdrachel.com/books/nnThanks for asking. nnEnjoy!n



  • I’m intrigued to read your work. I’m curious though: Did you really need a fictional place to write about, “heart of American ignorance, as they track the insular lives of sub-ordinary people in the fictional town of Pulnick, located in northeastern Missouri…” 😉

    • I am just a coward. If I used a real town, I’m afraid the meth head Tea Party people who live there will track me down and cut my heart out.

  • I’m so proud of you! Keep up  the good work!
    Brad Fowler

  • Very impressive.  I’ve never been anywhere except through books and documentary film.  Thx for sharing.  If I could afford it I’d have left this god forsaken nation years ago; when we became a  deranged mob attacking Iraq, setting the middle east on fire.  If our craven occupation of Iraq had not turned so badly, imagine their surprise when people actually fought back, the march on others in the region would have continued unabated. 

  • Snow Hawaii

    John, I’ve read 76 comments below, & they covered already of what I wanted say . All I can say is that I do admire your courage, ,& thanks for accepting my friendship request . Keep on touch, & pray for your safety along the journey in your future.

  • Johannes Lichtman

    Hey John,

    Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for your thoughtful comment on the Word Riot story. It didn’t occur to me that people might take the time to comment on my piece, so I’m about two months late. But I liked reading what you had to say. Re: the lawyer question: the good part about not making any money off your writing (or anything, for that matter) is that nobody thinks it’s worth their time to to sue you. So I should be okay, for now at least.

    Thanks again. Write on.

    -Johannes Lichtman

    • Your lawyer remark is right on. “Go ahead. Sue me! Take everything. Here, let me put it in a cigar box for you.” It’s a beautiful world.

  • Murphyelliott

    My pleasure John. The honor is mine.

  • Anonymous

    a contemporary Paul Theroux with an eclectic admixture.!

    • Whoa! That will keep the bread from rising in some literary circles. So much for brie on sourdough. Back to the basics. MD-20 soaked pretzels.

  • Anonymous

    Pulnick as in’ puling’?

    • I hadn’t thought that consciously. But my subconscious has its own mischievous agenda.

  • Betty alaoui

    Hi John,  Thank you very much for the friendship,  I’m Honored To Have You As My Friend.

  • Betty alaoui

    Hi John,  Thank you very much for the friendship,  I’m Honored To Have You As My Friend.

  • lol. The first thing that jumped out at me was that you’re “left of left.” Me too. The second is that your life has been much more interesting than mine. Luckeeee. I’ll be back.

  • Mdrredhead

    John, I was born in Yokohama, Japan. I had to choose my citizenship when I turned 18 and chose USA. The Japanese always keep their citizens so I could have that passport too.
    I look forward to reading your books.

  • Dr Dias Panama

     Marcus Aurelius: “The object of life is not to be on the side of the
    majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

    Best wishes and regards in your sojourn.

    rd DIAS

    • Phenomenal advice but I may have already lost that battle.

  • Freddyj359

    John, I found Sabrina and Gary on FB. Time for a Politixs of Pink Reunion, too bad Klong ain’t around.

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    Nice to  see this page reflecting your life, thoughts and dream. I wish you all the Best  in all your endeavor in life.

    Warm Regards
    Margaret Gangte

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    Amazing story

  • Anonymous

    Hello JD, you sent a “friend” invite while discussing a story on huffpo about the American county official in the Philippines and something told me to check your link and I’m glad I did. 
    It’s such a small world. I see that your from Detroit and I myself was born and raised in metro Detroit. 
    I think what your doing is great, so many people want to do all the traveling you did and so many people also want to live in a distant foreign land. Try not to long for home or feel homesick for the physical area itself as its only gotten worse and now Detroit is below 725K residents from its storied history of 2 million people. 
    Keep up the good work. I’ll check your site in the weeks to come…..sayonara.!.!.!.

    • Anyone who has survived Detroit is part of a robust, perhaps invulnerable community. Certainly a special community. Thanks for the update on the Motor City. I frankly had no plans in the immediate future to visit but I do like to check in occasionally to see how the piles of rubble are aging.

  • Greetings from Maine, the Pine Tree State.  My thanks to you, for joining my friends on FB.  I look forward to reading your entries and insights.  I have a somewhat different experience history, yet I suspect we share some similarities too.  I am by nature liberal, and oddly moralistic.  I have 19 years of marriage under my belt, with two adult children, a divorce.  My partner and I are living peacefully  in the pines near Mount Katahdin, and the coffee, and life,  is good.  Never-the-less, Family issues and local and national politics impinge upon us, and the reality of austere economics threatens our futures.  At seventy,  I am obviously the recipient of  much luck.  As humans go,  I have experienced much, and have up-held my base values, my standard of life.

  • Yusuf Atar


  • Joe Black

    Excellent dissertations, enjoying it. 

  • Jeff kozlowski

    Your journey has purpose, creativity, and heart.  

  • Tim Eliot Dorian

    I can relate to the arrested social skills at eighteen, which was the year I became agoraphobic. My exodus from fear commenced when I began teaching myself meditation, which I have now been faithfully practicing for forty years and so your exploration of Buddhism and the metaphysical are other areas I can also relate to. I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey, for when you learn about other people, you learn more about yourself as well.

    • Unfortunately, the arresting of my social skills turned out to be a plateau. Recently I began a slow regression and now find myself reading comic books in the sandbox of a local park and refusing to share them with other kids.

  • sandrea dominique allexandre

    what a vibrant tapistry of life you live!!!!!!!!!!!!!  la joie de la vie!!!!!  

  • russ

    hi john,  i hope you get this.  i am an old amigo of yours from your motown days.  we were discussing, nostalgicly, this 4th of july, some of what made us what we were.  your name, the original, came up and we (kathleen and i) did a quick search on the internet and found you in a new york minute.  if you’d care to make contact with an old pal who goes back to 57 fords and henry hamilton’s biology class, i would very much enjoy making contact again.  my body wore out doing architectural metalwork and i am a musician now (classic rock and blues), build custom guitars and old school tube amplifiers and enjoy life in puerto vallarta mexico. please drop a note (no pun intended—yet) and we can correspond in a more private way ( i am an under the radar guy on the internet).  in any case i hope you are recovering  well from the operation mentioned on your blog.  my back is shot too.  and i really like seoul.  as always, mi casa tu casa, russell riffin

  • Hi John.. You sure sound like a fellow bird of a feather. I do not have the time available at the present moment to read your works, but I will hopefully do so shortly. I am almost finished re-editing my 200 page memoir written these past two years since having a close call with a cardiac condition that today is under control with the aid of Warfarin (rat poison) that is keeping blood clots from forming. I am waiting for a friend to help me put the words and the 100+ photographs out of the many thousands that I have taken over the past 65 years as a pro. photographer into an E book. I have dual U.S.A.~Irish citizenship and if I could find a way I would leave this country for Ireland in a minute. Tonight at 3:00 AM I want to write a proposal to all my Facebook friends who are face and body painters scattered across this planet. I have been an active full time peace activist for most of my 78 years. The proposal goes like this. I want to start an international non profit org. called Painters for Peace that as we grow will democratically decide how Face & Body painters can develop into a peace movement with our teacher-artists and our painted models engaged in non-violent direct action in our communities. Check out my Timeline and you will get to know me. You would probably be interested in contacting the only true published poet in my family, my favorite nephew, Mike Finley,  as he is another left leaning “Outsider”. Mike, lives in St Paul MN with his son Jon who is an excellent composer, and classical acoustic guitarist along with Mike’s marvelous wife Rachel  who spends half of each year living in a far remote Inuit village on the north west coast of Alaska as the village nurse practitioner. She is compiling short and exceptionally well done pieces from her journals that I think when published in a book will be awesome.  It is nearly 3:30 AM so back to work and then to bed. I find that I do my best work from midnight to about 6:00 AM  and although tired, my memory and creativity seem to cooperate better during those hours. BTW and I may have asked you earlier~do you have Skype ?
    See you later~Jack Finley~ Namaste !

  • Ann Namuyiga

    your avery intelligent and principled man keep it up

  • Your an interesting man . Good luck in your adventures. The pictures are amazing .I luv them. Nancy

  • Respect!!

  • Very very interesting man that you are – I believe we think alike – I want to live in Italy – should I just pick up and go? LOL

    • Yes, you should just pick up and go. Have your neighbor water the flowers.

  • i am getting this message fine! very interesting,and i would like to keep being updated with your information..please!

  • Beth Fowler

    Hi, John, I read an excerpt of 11-11-11 on Melange Books and purchased the ebook version. I liked your writing style. Melange has offered me a contract. Could I talk to you about your experience with them?

  • Chris from Calmar

    Great site, John! I notice you have many Canadian visitors. What’s it like to feel like Florida?

    • My adopted mother used to smuggle cigarettes across the border when we visited Windsor from Detroit. This created a huge network of co-conspirators that has followed me through life. Plus I grew up on Canadian bacon, which my parents told me was prime rib. I didn’t appreciate their sense of humor until I bought mine at a yard sale in Toronto. There you go! Another Canadian connection. My only problem is the way they talk. Come on, folks. Mr. Been is pronounced Mr. Ben, eh? By the way, you might want to take a look at this blog posting to see where Canadian-American relations are heading: “Exploding Hockey Pucks Intercepted at Canadian Border”… http://jdrachel.com/?p=927

  • gia


    a book review on Jon Rachels book Blinders Keppers. check it out!

    • Thanks for the great review!

      • gia

        Absolutely! Keep them coming!

  • John David Lionel Brooke

    Hola John D. Read your incredable book “Blinders Keeper” and commented on Amazon and GoodReads.

    Sure like to send you my flash fiction tale “Weepers” as we discussed. Don’t know how to do this, any suggestions would be helpful.


  • gia


    by gia777gia | on September 12, 2013


    When I see or read John Rachel, I want to call him Twister, because his writing style reminds me of my quarter horse named Twister who could turn on a dime.

    His latest book “BLINDERS KEEPERS” is a political satire of a young man with an idealistic mindset, of “it will all come out in the wash.”

    This young man left a boring little town, and his merely being at the wrong place at the wrong time propelled him into an underground fugitive role.

    Rachel’s characters in the role of authority or government all fit the the dysfunctional traits of Adult children of Alcoholics, and hysterically so.

    I’ve read no other Author who can pen such sardonic quips as Rachel.

    His book is chock full of original descriptives like “Teflon enigma” and

    “Sock puppet theatre of American Life”

    You are a good read Jon Rachel, keep them coming!

    Gia Dawn



    ”Festina Lenta!” = Make haste with self awareness!

    gia777gia=Gina Laing gia-dawn.com and treemancloud.com

  • Anonymous

    Thanks John the book was absolutely enjoyable & very close to the reality of life today. Thank you for taking me away from this real life & the opportunity to live the life in Blinders Keepers …….. I will be starting another one of your books and will be in touch – a great work of art imitating reality!!!

  • impressive resume, john…. being left of left,you might enjoy our zine, and especially the articles in the present issue by Henry Giroux and Jim Palombo — though there’s plenty more to peruse… let me know if you ever feel like sending something our way.

    • Sounds very interesting indeed. I sent a copy of my recent political novel to Henry Giroux and am waiting to hear what he thinks. Thanks for the invitation.

  • Great page! Two big thumbs up!

  • Gia

    Gullibility increases more so when it’s in ones face! Or so it appears.

  • Vladislav Krasnov

    Thank for Cold War 2.0 article. You are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vladislav.krasnov
    You are right on target.

  • Thanks for the connect on Stage32, John – what a fabulous & interesting website/blog/life story you have! I really like your narrative style, and the ‘third person bio’ – somehow writing a personal bio is easier in third person, isn’t it – or so I’ve found, at least. I’ll be checking out your novels at some point and will enjoy browsing this site and the multitude of posts herein… 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • “John Rachel has spent his entire life, trying to resolve the intrinsic clash between the
    metaphysical purity of Buddhism and the overwhelming appeal of narcissism….”

    Well, here we seem to strike a chord. I do appreciate your resolve to live in the world of
    reality in the attempt for which you seem to reach beyond the present world
    which is awash in all sorts of unrealities and the resultant contamination/degeneration
    and which you seem to watch from a little far.

    I am merely a truth seeker, never any literary intellectual. But I am very attracted to
    your literary works, more so because of how you approach them. I wish you all
    success, and am only too glad to welcome you to my little hut in Kerala when
    you ever plan to visit India.

    • I’m glad you appreciate my irony.

      I spent seven weeks in Goa, but never made it to Kerala. It is on my wish list.


      • You have indeed evolved to a perfect global citizen who is able to see things beyond civilizations, a rare find in this highly compartmentalized society. Now I will like to see a non-fiction from you, and which, I am sure, is certainly bound to pit you face to face with the ground realities instantly.

        • My first non-fiction book is being published right now. The Kindle version is already available … http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Z5KEXIK … and ebooks will be available at Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other outlets worldwide. A deluxe print version also will be released next month. The book is called: “Candidate Contracts: Taking Back Our Democracy”.

          • What a surprise! Your non-fiction rendering little differed from what I expected from a like-minded as the description of your book said:: “a real game-changer which will redefine politics for the foreseeable
            future. Get ready as the nation begins its journey toward a peaceful and
            abundant future for all of its citizens, not just a privileged few”.

            Hope to get a copy of your book from a relative of me in the US. You have indeed surprised me.

  • Wales Stones

    Great one you have there John…

  • Great looking site. Got me thinking of moving my word press one to something like this. Can you make any money on something like this? Sure could use a little bit extra though have enough for beer and smokes after needs.

  • L. Naomi Nolan

    OMG! You had me in stitches, (or a sweater, or something). You are TOO FUNNY! And of course (you are a soulmate of mine, I do EXACTLY the same rituals… it seems to help, doesn’t it?) THANK YOU for inviting me to come see you at your comfy place… come by mine: http://www.lydianolan.com … CIAO!

    • “Scribo ergo sum” is my signature. We have a LOT in common!

      • L. Naomi Nolan

        Nihilne sanctum est?

        My facebook “author” page says also: I write, therefore I am…. gosh… I thought I was the only one like me…. http://www.facebook.com/SoCalNovelist

  • David Silvrman

    Hey John,
    Re your latest comment on comment, Trump is too fucking stupid to know how bad he is and how, potentially disastrous his decisions and actions can be (and have been). An entirely new strategy must be developed to rid the country of Trump and Pence, by any means possible. Criticizing him does absolutely no good other than, hopefully, mobilizing people to take action. Unfortunately, most liberals would rather wax philosophically than actually do something. I foresee coast-to-coast violence if the insane pair remain in office. Sad.

  • David Rothauser

    Dear John, Happily, I’ve found a kindred spirit. I’m about to dive into The Peace Dividend, but curious to know your take on Article 9 and if you think that Global Article 9 Campaign to Abolish War is a model for the world to follow? Currently Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, in collaboration with Veterans For Peace are working on a resolution to bring a version of Article 9 as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. After all a living peace in Japan has survived (despite U.S. and far right Japanese govts.) for 70 years. Are Americans capable and willing to accept that peace exists and can we learn from that reality?

    • American citizens are for the most part good, decent people who are not interested in wars of aggression but are understandably willing to defend their country and values. That understandable pride and protectiveness is manipulated by a powerful core within the ruling class and the political leadership to rally citizens behind a lot of unnecessary conflict and military brinksmanship, which risks not just our country but the entire human race. Are the “people” ready for an Article 9? If they fully understood it and were presented its merits in an honest and forthright manner, I’m sure they would back it. Under the current regime of lies and propaganda, I doubt it, though increasingly people are becoming suspicious of the War on Terrorism, constant state of alarm, and endless, violent pursuit of empire by the war mongers.

      On to practical matters: Your initiative is admirable, noble, necessary. But recognize that no amendment to the Constitution that you and I want to see is on the horizon. Quite the opposite. The warmongers of both parties — here I include the supposedly progressive Bernie Sanders who is a militarist, who when Israel says, ‘Jump’, he asks, ‘How high?’ — have a huge majority in Congress. In fact, all of the enlightened progressives who are calling for all sorts of wonderful amendments apparently haven’t read the news since November 7th. Republicans control the White House, both chambers of Congress, the majority of state houses, the majority of governorships. Well-meaning activists are deluding themselves if they think an Article 9 or any other amendment which is good for the majority of Americans has any chance.

      People think I’ve become a broken record, I’m a monotonous, singularly-fixated one-trick pony who can only talk about one thing. But there is a singular truth which most seem ignorant of or would rather live in denial of. It is: Without replacing the power-elite puppets in Washington DC, without across-the-board regime change in Congress and the White House (http://jdrachel.com/2016/12/22/the-red-white-and-blue-color-revolution/), without replacing the current crop of corporate, war mongering lapdogs to the ruling class — who have no problem sending us regular citizens out to fight wars to protect and balloon their stock portfolios — your Article 9 and every reform which serves the greater good of the majority of citizens is doomed. The ruling elite does appreciate your time and effort, however. Because while you are busy promoting your worthy initiative, they can without effective resistance start more wars, loot the Treasury, and destroy our economy. Those are the prerogatives of power. Without confronting that power with power, we are paralyzed.

      Keep up the good fight but reconsider where to tactically focus your energy.

  • You change identities like Ann Coulter changes panty liners. But I know who you are, “The Boatswain”. Glad to see they restored your internet access at the nuthouse, John Byk.

    • The Boatswain

      I’m going to work in Angola this August. You know-the one in Africa. I imagine you still have a lot of godless, ossified Cuban commie friends still there. You should warn them.

      • “One small step for a man, one huge leap for mankind.” Who said that? Sarah Palin?

        Well, John, I’m in awe. I wish you the best of everything with your new adventure. Bring lots of condoms.

        Dare I ask what you will be doing there? Raising psilocin-laced bananas?

        • The Boatswain

          I’m going to be teaching the next generation of economic slaves (landless peasants) the greatness of capitalism for a very lucrative salary. Growing up in Detroit has prepared me for such a time.

  • stefandeutsch

    “As long as we continue on the present course, we will continue to fail to
    achieve the one and only thing which can make a difference: POWER!”
    The only power that speaks to those in power – corporations, the wealthy, and FOX news is the power of the pocket book. I have been calling for a total boycott of all Fox news sponsors – and it worked getting rid of Glen Beck and it will work decimating Fox news. Then we put CNN and all TV networks on notice that the news is not entertainment – and having our govt hijacked is not a reality show. They need to go after this wanna-be-despot and not cover a word of what he say. News blackout on the White House idiot and keep th story about his lies, his greed, his stupidity, and his attacks on Democracy.

    • Such focused boycotts can be powerful. I always say to people, you have the most powerful tool for fighting corruption and corporate totalitarianism right in your pocket, wallet, or purse. It’s made of paper and it’s green. Money is all that feeds the beast. How you spend it can change the world.

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