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[ Posted May 3, 2011 ]

People usually ask me what I have learned from my “spiritual quest” over the past decade.

First off, I have to correct them and point out that my travels have not been even in small part a spiritual quest, though the rewards have been spiritual and spiritually enriching.  Basically, I’ve just been seeing the world and the people in it.  Merely hanging out wherever my whim and wallet would take me.

“But . . . but . . . you must have achieved some enlightenment along the way.  Didn’t you?”

As it happened, I did visit hundreds of temples, shrines, and various holy sites, plus have observed and sometimes talked to countless gurus, priests, monks, and holy men of every size and shape.

What have I learned?  What truths can I share?

I have learned that each of us probably already knows the great truths of human history, the unassailable and eternal messages embodied in the religions and philosophies which have emerged from man’s glorious and inglorious habitation on this planet.  The fact that they seem to elude us is simple:  We — and I include myself in this — are afraid of these truths, or they are buried under so much garbage (the junk from the outside we constantly immerse ourselves in and the junk from the inside spawned by ego) we can’t see even the the obvious, much less embrace what is right there for the taking.

As I said in one of my songs:  There are many more answers than questions.  Everyone’s got an idea for sale.  So if you look for the truth in the usual places, it’s a lot like trying to find the Holy Grail.’

And as Dylan said:  You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.’

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