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Gay Whales

I remember back in the 90s seeing a bumper sticker . . . Nuke the gay whales! I thought it was pretty funny at the time. But it’s no longer a joking matter. It’s now the newest battle cry in our president’s noble struggle to make America great again. Continue reading

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Russia: Scary Bear or Barely Scary?

We are being inundated with a lot of “scary Russia” propaganda these days. At the same time, it was not that long ago that Russia was portrayed as a second-rate power, a regional as opposed to a global player, a pathetic nation with a third-world economy. So which is it? Russia big and bad? Or Russia a laughable wannabee out of its league with the big boys in the geopolitical game? Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Want to make America safe? Want to make America loved and respected throughout the world? Halt the famine that is now developing in Africa and put a permanent end to world hunger. Our nation will no longer be looked at as the propagators of death and destruction but be heralded as saviors and saints. Continue reading

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No Negotiating With Terrorists

U.S. terrorism expresses itself internationally as wars, regime changes, special operations missions, economic manipulation and interference, cyber and propaganda warfare, and is implemented with the forward-basing of troops and often outright military occupation of 140 countries. While we can find fault in the workings of the loose collective of institutions which make up what is now called the Deep State, much direct blame for our terrorism can be assigned to the CIA. We now have little choice. The CIA and all traces of it must be eradicated. “No negotiating with terrorists!” Continue reading

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The Peace Dividend: Some Perspective

There is a powerful reason why the Peace Dividend project should target those Trump voters, who are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the orange demagogue. With the current insane drive to war, the risks of starting WWIII, the potential for nuclear annihilation, we need EVERYONE on board. As Trump and his neoliberal/neocon assault troops continue to wreak havoc — picture coming military conflicts and the inevitable crash of the economy this year or next — the masses will be singularly outraged, hungry for REAL ACTION. The Peace Dividend offers a simple direct decisive plan of action. Continue reading

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