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“Buddy, can you spare some change?”

The vast majority of the American public has no one to turn to but themselves. The liberal elite are mired in unworkable paradigms, debilitated by a lack of imagination, dragged down by the inertia or careerism and an inability to commit to the dirty work of activism. The conservative elite have nurtured their sociopathic obsessions with wealth accumulation for its own sake, live behind insurmountable walls consigning the unwashed masses to a permanent quarantine, are more convinced than ever of their entitlement and exclusive right to rule the world.

My book is not more whining. It offers a step-by-step, highly detailed plan for challenging the corruption of our current politicos, and for reversing the destruction of representative democracy in America.

Change does not just happen. People need to believe it’s possible.

Then they need to make room in their hearts and time in their day to make it happen. Continue reading

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I love Japan!

Taking time to appreciate the beauty in the world makes a beautiful person. Continue reading

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The Race To A Vanishing Point

The U.S. plunges the world toward World War III while Americans play on their smart phones and watch bad TV. Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Shallow

Obama thinks being president is a fun job. Now we know. Continue reading

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Mission Control: We Have A Problem

Is anyone thinking this through? While a Bernie Sanders presidency would inject some hope into our dismal electoral politics and floundering democracy, his election without a supportive Congress would create gridlock and dysfunction of biblical proportions. Democrats and Republicans would combine for a bipartisan assault, President Sanders would be demonized, vilified, emasculated, meaning the prospects for the advancement of a progressive agenda, serving the needs of all Americans, not just the ultra-wealthy, would be set back for decades. Continue reading

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