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Life In Japan: Bicycle Theft

There’s an innocence here in Japan, and a sense of honor and courtesy, a respect for the possessions of others. So much so that a bicycle theft is truly out-of-the-ordinary. And thus it warrants extraordinary response by the authorities. This is a true story. Continue reading

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Life In Japan: New Years

Oh yes, what a wild time we had bringing in the New Year. Fasten your seat belts and savor the events which surrounded the onset of 2018 for us here in Japan. Continue reading

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A Simple Straight-Forward Message for a Complex Convoluted Time

This is about “Happy New Year”, my holiday greeting card to the world, a song I wrote three years ago, performed by my lovely and extremely talented wife and myself, here in my home studio in Japan. I believe it offers a simple straightforward message for a complex convoluted time. Continue reading

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The Lizard Brain Has Imposed a No-Fly Zone Over the Cerebral Cortex

Stress is bad. Here it is the time of year when we should be enjoying life, celebrating the birth of a future carpenter who would fall victim to a sting operation by the Roman secret police, make a wholly embarrassing and painful exit from the dusty scene in Jerusalem, then become the iconic figurehead of a world-class religion, and what are we doing? Fighting over the last Iron Man Avengers Age of Ultron Toy at Walmart with an open-carry rodeo queen who left her 18-wheeler diesel engine idling in the parking lot. Well, you tense and frazzled folks, I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for you and your whole stressed-out family! Continue reading

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John Rachel Is A Tedious Bore!

I’m a tedious bore. Which begs the question: Why are you reading this? Continue reading

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Benten Shrine Ceremony

This past weekend was our annual Benten Shrine ceremony. The whole celebration took about an hour. Lots of smiles, good will, warm feelings. Life in Japan is still full of wonder for me. What a fascinating country! Continue reading

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I Love Japan Redux

Japanese have kept alive some traditions which promote sense of community, and the shared responsibility of living in that community. They create opportunities to work together for the common good, get to know one another, and just enjoy other folks who happen to live in the same geographical setting. This is what America desperately needs to overcome the fear, divisiveness, isolation, fragmentation. Here’s a challenge to my fellow Americans: How do you think people would react if you went from house to house and said, “How about if we get together and clean up the neighborhood, plant some flowers, then have a nice barbecue?” Continue reading

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Clouds of Pollen in the Spring

Nothing like some scientific knowledge to fill in the blanks, those blanks being the desolate stretches in our brains which result in a lack of understanding and appreciation for the magnificent workings of nature. Continue reading

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Dealing With A Serial Killer

There’s a serial killer on the loose. Eight to ten people a month have been murdered over the past several years. This has got to stop! So decide to get tough and pull out all of the weapons at our disposal: We take out full-page ads in the newspaper, have street demonstrations. We sell t-shirts, have lots of expert discussion on TV, we send emails, mount a huge telephone campaign, have a Town Hall meeting, and even organize a petition! It’s a smashing success. Everyone (who’s still alive) signs the petition! For some reason the killing doesn’t stop. Where did we go wrong? Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Want to make America safe? Want to make America loved and respected throughout the world? Halt the famine that is now developing in Africa and put a permanent end to world hunger. Our nation will no longer be looked at as the propagators of death and destruction but be heralded as saviors and saints. Continue reading

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