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What Red State vs. Blue State Looks Like To An Ant

We are being kept disorganized and submissive by focusing on what divides us instead of what unites us. Bickering and name-calling only postpones serious efforts to address the greatest challenges we have ever faced and assures the inevitability of collapse and possible extinction of the human race. It’s time to put aside the “gang colors” of political parties and get some serious work done. We can start with the current election. If candidates don’t want to talk about real issues, they don’t deserve our votes. Continue reading

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The “I’ll vote for Jill if you will” Pledge Campaign

No more “lesser evil” voting or concerns about “throwing your vote away”! There’s a way to establish a plurality victory for Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president. Why hold your nose and vote for either a sociopathic egomaniac or a psychopathic war criminal, when you can put a brilliant woman in the White House who will serve the needs of all Americans, not just the billionaire class? Dr. Jill Stein, America’s first female president!
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The Hands-Down Ultimate Super-Bowl of Showdowns!

You know how on the last page of a book it says, ‘The End’. Then you put the book down and life pretty much goes on like normal, except either you need to return the book to the library or take it down to a used book store and get a couple bucks for it. Well, this time we really mean it. So pay attention! Continue reading

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Let’s Try To Figure This Out

The bulk of climate change denial studies is generated by bought-and-paid-for lackeys who WORK FOR THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY! While it represents only 3% of the scientific publications on this critical topic, the PR campaign by giant oil, gas, and coal corporations has been highly effective, so the public remains evenly split. Even for those who are concerned about the threat of climate change to civilization, the self-serving deceptions by participants in the recent COP21 fiasco produce a luster of false hope and delusion. Fortunately, this fools no one who is really paying attention. Unfortunately, it portends bleak prospects for any massive substantial reform of our economic and environmental policies. Coordinated disinformation and willful denial are a devastating combination. Continue reading

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