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R2P = L2K

Time to turn the tables and call out the real enemies of America. We’ll start small and build. Samantha Power is currently the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Wherever this violent, disingenuous shrew appears publicly, and even where possible privately, everyone should be reminded she is a murderer and a war criminal. Continue reading

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The BS Challenge

Cheer leading and hero-worship are the easy part. Revolution is hard work. So here’s my challenge to all those people feeling the Bern. Are your hearts truly filled with the awe-inspiring message of Bernie Sanders? Are you ready to do some heavy-lifting? Or is Chris Hedges right? Is this just more BS along the historical road to disintegration and collapse? If you’re serious, there’s important work to be done. Continue reading

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Peace is as American as . . . ?

Has America ever really had a peace movement? Actually not. But peace signs are great! Simple and attractive. Make a great tattoo. Charm bracelet. Bumper sticker. They’re compact, symmetrical. Fit nicely anywhere. PEACE, BROTHER! Continue reading

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Still Crazy After All These Years

My wife, Masumi, has yoga and ballet. Even in the cold, twice a week I stumble up and down a big mound of dirt. Works for me. Is it so unreasonable to think that every single person in the world deserves this? Just a simple, basic shot at happiness, free from hunger, fear, war, oppression. Continue reading

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Choose A Symptom, Ignore The Disease

America is very, very sick. The disease which is destroying our nation feeds on: 1) Unchecked imperial ambitions. 2) Exceptionalist hubris and arrogance. 3) The crushing power of corporations. 4) The militarization of everything. 5) Plutocratic tyranny and greed. None of the presidential candidates will talk about the disease. Because none of them has a cure. Continue reading

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