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White Spacer_10 pxMe!

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My beautiful Japanese lady, Masumi.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”My beautiful Japanese lady, Masumi.”]

white-spacer_40-pxMadrid – 2006

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white-spacer_40-pxCuacos de Yuste, Spain (Agritourismo Farm) – 2006

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Cuacos de Yuste, Spain (Agritourismo Farm – 2006)”]

white-spacer_40-pxIbiza, Spain (Falconblanco Utopian Community) – 2006

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”Ibiza, Spain (Falconblanco Utopian Community) – 2006″]

white-spacer_40-pxKreuzlingen, Switzerland (Organic Farm) – 2006

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”6″ gal_title=”Kreuzlingen, Switzerland (Organic Farm) – 2006″]

white-spacer_40-pxLaos – 2007

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”7″ gal_title=”Laos – 2007″]

white-spacer_40-pxGreat Wall of China – 2007

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”8″ gal_title=”Great Wall of China – 2007″]

white-spacer_40-pxKatmandu, Nepal – 2009

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Katmandu, Nepal – 2009″]

white-spacer_40-pxVietnam – Summer 2010

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”10″ gal_title=”Vietnam – Summer 2010″]


  • Opiyo79

    I hope one day you will come back to Kenyan

  • Opiyo79

    I hope one day you will come back to Kenyan

  • Very Interesting.u00a0 I could almost feel the excited mystery edging behind each photo.u00a0 What it’s like to travel and explore, I don’t know personally, but your pictures invite ideas, dreams and the urge to experience.u00a0 Thank you for sharing.

    • There have been some very intense moments for sure. Thanks for your interesting comment.

  • Debra Gillett

    Great gallery – wonderful albums – thanks for sharing.  My fave is the mud treatment!

  • Anneleigh45

    Thank you for sharing. Wow! All photos are amazing and you just don’t know how you bring  excitement and encourage to me. Travel and explore are such an awesome ideas. I hope that you can come here in our country, here in Philippines. 

  • Millwrightjoefl

    as a former Marine I was able to travel to countrys like Viet Nam,Japan,Okinawa,Alaskas,Korea,Hawaii and as a millwright working on Steam and Gas Turbine. I was lucky to visit many places Have fun as I did 

  • russell riffin

    lovely collection of slices of life.  since we walked the same streets together in our youth i hope, someday, we can each add photos of each other’s countries of residence to our albums.  it is great to be in touch with you again, john.  mi casa tu casa.

  • Very nice pictures, and it looks like you’ve been to some very interesting places. Personally, I don’t think I’ve been out of New Jersey in the last five years…though I should probably keep that bit of info to myself…

  • Eloise Fouquet

    Hi John,
    I’d really like to know more about your experiences at Falcon Blanco if you would like to share them, as I’d be interested to go there.
    Thank you!

    • I will share my experiences via a private email. I have no desire to ridicule this pseudo-utopian communal sight publicly. There are a couple very good people there but the man who heads up the enlightenment team is certifiably insane.