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The Peace Movement in America: Status Report

The world is rushing headlong toward world war, risking nuclear annihilation and the end of the human race. Eliminating geopolitical idiocy, imperial hubris, and monomaniacal delusions of conquest by challenging our warmongering elites with an effective plan of action should be what shapes and defines the struggle of those noble organizations attempting to abolish war and promote peace throughout the world. Otherwise, the next time I file an update, the response will be … “What peace movement?” Continue reading

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Line of Succession: Just when you thought it was safe to . . .

Trump is an easy target. But impeaching him accomplishes nothing. It merely sets up month-after-month, year-after-year of more impeachment hearings. What Trump represents will not go away just because he does. Regime change in Congress is the only option and the only viable place to focus our time, energy and creativity. There are 33 Senate seats and 435 House seats up for grabs in the 2018 election. That’s where our power resides. That’s how we mount a real revolution and turn back the tide of corporate totalitarianism. Continue reading

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Making AMERICANS Great Again!

America will become great again when Americans are great again. Americans will be great again when the impediments to individual potential are removed, and each person has the opportunity and resources available to them to participate and contribute as full and active citizens in an open, receptive, and appreciative society. Continue reading

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Take it to the streets!

Effective street protests are no longer possible. Even Micah White, one of the founders of OWS, has declared that things have changed and we need to find different mechanisms for demanding reform. Continue reading

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