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Dealing With A Shark Attack

How do you deal with a shark attack in a swimming pool? You drain the water and watch the shark suffocate.

The Peace Dividend strategy is exactly that. Drain the pool of funds which our insane neocon-infested military establishment — which includes the DOD, NSA, CIA, DHS, Congress, and the White House — abuses with its never-ending wars and delusional pursuit of world empire. No money. No more unnecessary wars. Continue reading

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VIDEO BLOG: Open up the debates!

I’m challenging Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to show they can handle some real competition by including Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in the debates. I’m also letting CNN know that if they don’t push for this, they’re passing up the biggest windfall in the history of U.S. politics. Continue reading

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It’s not easy being infallible . . .

Do you think it’s easy being infallible? Maybe we should ask President Obama at his next news conference. Continue reading

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A Look At Some Other Numbers

The evidence is in. The “I’ll vote for Jill if you will” Campaign is a failure. The good news is that it’s almost too easy to explain why. Unfortunately, that explanation spells catastrophe for this country and unparalleled tragedy for its citizens. Continue reading

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The Peace Dividend Concept . . . Now A Book

The Peace Dividend concept originally appeared and is explored in summary form in two previous books, “Candidate Contracts: Taking Back Our Democracy” and “Fighting for the Democracy We Deserve.” But now it has its own dedicated volume, with full explication, justification, and documentation: “The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World.” Continue reading

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