Dealing With A Shark Attack

How do you deal with a shark attack in a swimming pool?

You drain the water and watch the shark suffocate.

The Peace Dividend strategy does exactly that.

It drains the pool of funds which our insane neocon-infested military establishment — which includes the DOD, NSA, CIA, DHS, Congress, and the White House — abuses with its never-ending wars and delusional monomaniacal pursuit of world empire.

We take back all of the money they’ve defrauded us out of for the past 24 years — we could go back further but two-and-a-half decades is a good start — then watch them desperately gasp and struggle as they try to persist in their aggressive bullying of the world. 

No money.  No more unnecessary wars. 

No money.  No more boondoggles like the F-35.

No money.  No more senseless waste like the trillion dollar upgrade of our nuclear arsenal.

No money.  America will start waging peace instead of waging war.

Peace is something we can actually afford.

The Peace Dividend, the pool of money totaling $4.82 trillion which was paid in taxes — by you and I — under false pretenses, collected on the basis of lies told us by our government  in support of wasteful D.O.D. extravagance and military aggression on no less than eight foreign countries since 1992, is money which will be distributed as a refund to each and every single American citizen.  It is our money, tax dollars paid in good faith by decent hard-working folks who trusted their government to put it to correct and proper use. 

We were fooled.

We were lied to.

We were conned. 

We were defrauded! 

We were callously ripped off!

$4.82 Trillion_Visual

The Peace Dividend refund comes to $14,952 for each and every living U.S. citizen, paid out over three years.

That comes to almost $60,000 for a family of four.

This is money which should have been ours to spend, and recovering it — as is completely within our rights in a government of the people, by the people, for the people — unlike the military madmen, we’ll put it to good use.  We can buy some news clothes for the kids, pay down our credit cards, replace that car that’s falling apart, take a long overdue vacation.

Am I crazy?

No . . . we are crazy if we don’t stick up for ourselves.

We are crazy if we don’t stop the abuse of power and hold our government accountable.

We are crazy if we don’t reject and reverse this gross misappropriation of our tax dollars.

As victims of the worst crime in history — the biggest tax rip-off ever — we deserve full and immediate compensation.

Let’s get started.

By the way, if anyone is tempted to ask me how a shark got into the swimming pool, I have a question for you . . .

How did so many homicidal, warmongering sociopaths get into the centers of power in Washington DC?

The Peace Dividend strategy is a direct attack on America’s systemic addiction to war by appealing to the self-interest of its citizens, literally INCENTIVIZING people to redirect their thinking and start WORKING FOR PEACE!

peace-dividend_cover_400x600The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World is now available both as an ebook and deluxe paperback at all of the usual outlets . . .

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  • George Polley

    I agree with you John that what we’ve been doing for so long will only produce disaster. If what we’ve been doing for so long worked for better lives for all of us there would be no poverty, no wars and no injustice. Our only viable choice is to do something different. This book is a good place to start; so is “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” by Kent Shifferd. If we do the same old things in the same old ways we end up with the same old results which will lead to more and more disasters until we exterminate ourselves. Not the kind of future I want for my grandchildren and great-grandchild . . . and their families.

    • Your book recommendation is excellent. However, no plan of that scale has a chance against the juggernaut of imperial adventurism and world domination promoted by those at the “centers of power” in the U.S. These include the government, the Deep State, the media, and the banking-corporate cartel. In my view, we only have one small crack in the walls of the plutocratic fortress, that being what’s left of our democratic options. And reform making possible the kind of visionary reform outlined in “A Global Security System” will only occur when the governing mechanisms are upended with either total regime change by electoral methods or revolution, non-violent or otherwise. The solutions to all of the great challenges to humankind are out there. The obstacle is not a lack of vision and efficacious plans. The obstacles are neoliberalism, colonialism, empire, militarism, and all that issues from the autocratic regime of .01% rule. Until that changes, we can read books until the sun becomes a supernova and nothing will change.

      • George Polley

        Re neoliberalism, colonialism, empire, militarism, and all that issues from the autocratic regime of .01% rule, of course nothing will change. As to plan the scale of “A global security system,” it is too vast. The book does have value in the ideas and systems that it proposes and presents, in spite of the fact that it probably has seen little if any publicity in the press.

        • There are an abundance of great ideas produced by humane and highly creative visionaries. It’s not a lack of ideas that has crippled efforts toward a better world. It’s the stranglehold of our corrupt political and economic systems. A flower can’t grow in toxic sludge.

          • George Polley

            I agree.

  • Michael Dewey

    This is certainly the number one issue that Americans need to unite on. That will take a whole lot more education, for far too many still defend the giant military enslaving society in the name of protecting it’s freedoms. (Love this word press blog and you must show me how to add all the share buttons and other things you’ve done with it. Is this what the paid for membership gives as upgrades from the basic version?)

    • Yes, people are brainwashed. But they can be unbrainwashed too. There are many ways to get people to pay attention: appeal to their consciences, cite the Ten Commandments, invite them to march and protest, etc. I think most people are decent but are just too damn busy trying to makes ends meet. Thus, with my Peace Dividend strategy I aim for the pocketbook. It is not very hard to prove that the military wastes enormous amounts of money. Maybe it’s a harder sell to convince people that 99.999% of our wars are a fraud. But the bottom line is that the bottom line of everyday Americans has been drastically reduced by imperial ambitions and a MIC that would bleed their own grandmother dry to make greater profits. This is our money, our hard-earned tax dollars being wasted and being stuffed into the bank accounts of the already incomprehensibly rich. If people can just begin to grasp that it’s their money that was effectively stolen from them on false pretenses, that this is their country and they have a say in what goes on, that it is completely feasible to refund this misappropriated money to them, then maybe we can see some serious action on the peace front.

  • larm007

    How about nobody paying taxes this year. I would love to see that. Serves the d*** gov. right. I don’t want a nickel of my money paying for war, much less the congress which in no way is for the people.

    • That would certainly work. Getting a vast number of taxpayers on board would be a challenge but a tax revolt is the ultimate weapon.