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NEAR agenda . . . does not include hypoallergenic lipstick.

The agenda of the NEAR Foundation offers a breathtaking vision for social, economic, and political reform. On the other hand, what kind of world would it be without hypoallergenic cosmetics? Continue reading

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A Swan Dive Into The Abyss

America is being hollowed out from the inside, becoming a lacquered shell of an empire filled with the abscess of its steady self-impoverishment. It is a swan gracefully diving into the abyss of its own disintegration. On its current course, either greed will drag its demise out over decades, or nuclear war will make the finality instantaneous. Continue reading

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Don’t call me crazy . . . just call me maybe!

Life is full of both surprises and setbacks. We don’t usually have to seek them out. We certainly don’t have to buy over-priced medications to get kicked in the head. Continue reading

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The Post-Feminist Apocalypse

The ideal of femininity and fullest expression of potential for the female gender is always evolving, as it adapts to the unfolding realities of our world. Girls want to have fun, yes. But they’ve learned to stand their ground. Continue reading

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I’m not worried … yes, I am … no, not really … well, maybe a little.

Did the Pope mention Alfred E. Neuman during his recent visit to the U.S.? Continue reading

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