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Clouds of Pollen in the Spring

Nothing like some scientific knowledge to fill in the blanks, those blanks being the desolate stretches in our brains which result in a lack of understanding and appreciation for the magnificent workings of nature. Continue reading

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Gay Whales

I remember back in the 90s seeing a bumper sticker . . . Nuke the gay whales! I thought it was pretty funny at the time. But it’s no longer a joking matter. It’s now the newest battle cry in our president’s noble struggle to make America great again. Continue reading

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Let’s Try To Figure This Out

The bulk of climate change denial studies is generated by bought-and-paid-for lackeys who WORK FOR THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY! While it represents only 3% of the scientific publications on this critical topic, the PR campaign by giant oil, gas, and coal corporations has been highly effective, so the public remains evenly split. Even for those who are concerned about the threat of climate change to civilization, the self-serving deceptions by participants in the recent COP21 fiasco produce a luster of false hope and delusion. Fortunately, this fools no one who is really paying attention. Unfortunately, it portends bleak prospects for any massive substantial reform of our economic and environmental policies. Coordinated disinformation and willful denial are a devastating combination. Continue reading

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NEAR agenda . . . does not include hypoallergenic lipstick.

The agenda of the NEAR Foundation offers a breathtaking vision for social, economic, and political reform. On the other hand, what kind of world would it be without hypoallergenic cosmetics? Continue reading

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My Spinal Surgery: Health Care in Asia

Any sane and constructive discussion of health care has to be based in reality. Here is a dose of reality, my own personal experience with spine surgery in South Korea. The surgeon’s name was Dr. Zhang and he saved my life. Continue reading

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Open Mind Surgery

Sometimes we need something to cut through the noise and nonsense we are constantly bombarded with, something which puts things in a new perspective. This short video with commentary by the astronomer-philosopher Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is something I think does just that and which I hope we can all appreciate on some level. Continue reading

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Turning A Blind Eye Does Not Change The View

Opponents of any kind of rational, constructive discussion of global warming and what modifications we must make in both personal behavior and official policy are always saying that the science is not in with respect to human impact on climate change. Hate to break it to them but it is. Continue reading

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The New Corporate Weapon: Bio-Terrorism

Evidence exists that the E.coli outbreak in Europe which has caused 22 deaths and the hospitalization of at least 2200 people, is the direct product of malicious laboratory bio-engineering. Continue reading

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Did God Cause The Earthquake In Japan?

I have run across some idiotic comments to the effect that the quake was the heavy finger of God pushing our buttons down here on Earth. Continue reading

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Global Warming Solved!

Scientists have concluded that a modest nuclear war would most likely reverse the threat of global warming. Continue reading

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