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Clouds of Pollen in the Spring

Nothing like some scientific knowledge to fill in the blanks, those blanks being the desolate stretches in our brains which result in a lack of understanding and appreciation for the magnificent workings of nature. Continue reading

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Kingda Ka, oh baby!

Nothing like the thrill of a high-speed roller coaster and the boredom of sitting in a traffic jam. America is a land of contradictions. Or is that contrariness. Continue reading

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Update: Stairway To Heaven

Why do we seek high places? We generally look up when we pray. We don’t send our prayers into the dirt, we launch them out and upwards to float into the ether of spiritual space. We certainly don’t ever aspire to the lower moral ground. We don’t say, ‘I’m at the bottom of the world.’ We don’t declare, ‘I had a valley experience.’ When we smoke a joint, we don’t get low. I guess we just assume that somewhere “up there” is some comfort. Maybe some answers. And if we don’t get the answers we need, at least we have a nice view or easy exhilaration. Continue reading

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Still Crazy After All These Years

My wife, Masumi, has yoga and ballet. Even in the cold, twice a week I stumble up and down a big mound of dirt. Works for me. Is it so unreasonable to think that every single person in the world deserves this? Just a simple, basic shot at happiness, free from hunger, fear, war, oppression. Continue reading

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I love Japan!

Taking time to appreciate the beauty in the world makes a beautiful person. Continue reading

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Creativity: Creating Memorable Characters

People often ask me: “John, how do you come up with your characters?” Continue reading

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Absentee Democracy

Sometimes I am challenged by the dimmer bulbs among us: “What kind of American are you? YOU LIVE IN JAPAN!” The answer that comes immediately to mind is: “I’m the kind of American who lives in Japan.” Continue reading

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Honor System

Why has lying become so epidemic? Pandemic? Systemic? It’s reached pathological proportions. I wouldn’t lie to you about that. Continue reading

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We know how this will end . . .

It’s up to us to demand a true and honest commitment to peace, not the simpleminded, hollow, meaningless blather that we’re being fed as the trigger-fingers of our war mongers tingle and twitch, just waiting for the right moment to churn up more carnage, destruction and hatred in the rest of the world. We can start right now by demanding the administration start working with Russia to calm the situation in the Ukraine. Continue reading

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“Neither snow, nor rain . . .”

Japan Post provides a vast array of services with care, courtesy, efficiency, incredible attention to detail and a dedication to providing a good customer experience. It is among the most loved and respected service institutions in this country. Continue reading

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