I have worked most of my life as a songwriter, music producer and audio engineer.  Before leaving the U. S. in 2006, I had a professional state-of-the-art ProTools recording studio, production company and publishing house.  My small but extremely competent staff did tour management and radio promotion for numerous Pacific Northwest artists.

Here are a few songs I’ve written (words and music), arranged, recorded and mixed.  I had studio singers do the vocals but I did most if not all of the instrumentation on these tunes.

  1. She [Pop Version] Chelsea Lovelle (written by John Rachel and Chelsea Lovelle) 5:01
  2. Barcelona Studio Singer (written by John Rachel) 3:37
  3. Give Me Your Love Studio Singer (written by John Rachel) 3:49
  4. Gotta Gotta Chelsea Lovelle (written by John Rachel) 3:24
  5. Ever Shannon McAllister (written by John Rachel and Shannon McAllister) 4:57
  6. Love Me (All Through The Night) Russian Superstar Roxy (written by John Rachel) 4:39
  7. Between Us Judadiah & the WWB (written by John Rachel) 4:13
  8. Body Crush Judadiah & the WWB (written by John Rachel) 3:27
  9. Always Megan Clark (written by John Rachel) 4:26
  10. Hands Off Studio Singer (written by John Rachel) 4:01

I had a band called Politics of Pink way way back in the late 80s while I lived in Los Angeles.  For a while we were signed to an Australian record label and recorded a radio single for them called “She Likes To Dance”.  Unfortunately, I have no copy of the song, nor do I have any listenable copies of most of the songs we recorded and played live during our active years on the stages of some of L.A.’s coolest clubs.  Someone recently dug an old promo shot out of the county toxic waste dump.  I just love my big hair, so massive both in volume and weight that I am now a victim of chronic misalignment of the vertebrae in    my neck (just joking).

I was able to dig up a few of our rough demos.

  1. Up From The Earth Politics of Pink 4:31
  2. View The Fire Politics of Pink 4:11
  3. Oh-Li-Oh-Lae Politics of Pink 3:51
  4. White Boy Politics of Pink 4:11
  5. Love's Not Like You Promised Me Politics of Pink 3:43

These are some productions of songs written and performed by the artists on my Speed of Light record label.  I did the musical arrangements, production, and audio engineering.  Several of these tracks got significant radio airplay at the time of their release as singles.

  1. Million Tomorrows Sheer Bliss 3:32
  2. See You In The Clouds Sheer Bliss 4:19
  3. Picture Perfect Dream Sheer Bliss 3:30
  4. Live Your Song [Pop Version] Sheer Bliss 3:23
  5. The One Chelsea Lovelle 3:28
  6. Pop It Keary Kase 4:08
  7. I'm Yours Keary Kase 3:35
  8. Las Calles Del Alma Alexa Wiley 5:29
  9. Whaddidja Say? Kamaria Wilson 4:07
  10. Alcohol Lorraine Lewis 4:02

Although throughout my career I predominantly have focused on pop music, my compositional skills are not limited only to that.  I have written for stage plays, websites, and even for modern dance.  Here are three examples.

  1. Canadian Farm Theme Composed and produced by John Rachel 0:49
  2. Ein Richtiger Mann Composed and produced by John Rachel 1:33
  3. Follow Me Composed and produced by John Rachel 4:09