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Why Donald Trump is not as horrible as Hillary Clinton … and why you should vote for Jill Stein.

Vote for Jill Stein! If that ends up electing Donald Trump, so be it. He’s a buffoon and will accomplish nothing. He doesn’t know his way around Washington DC and will be totally isolated. If Hillary gets elected, we will end up in a major war. She knows her way around the nation’s capital and is supported by Wall Street, the big banks, the multinational corporations, the MIC, and worst of all, the neocon-infested government and media organizations. These folks know only four things: War, profit, more war, more profit. Yes, Hillary may end up being the nation’s first female president. But she’ll also end up being the nation’s last president. Continue reading

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U.S. Blames Northern Lights on Russia, Imposes Sanctions

The State Department has accused Russia of hacking into the ionosphere causing excessive and annoying levels of Northern Lights activity, and is calling on the international community to impose a brutal new round of sanctions. Continue reading

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It’s Not Hillary’s Physical Health That’s The Issue . . . It’s Her Mental Health!

Despite a lot of speculation about Hillary Clinton’s physical health, based on her own bizarre behavior and evident fragility, to my mind the real issue is not her physical health but her mental health. There is an overwhelming amount of solid evidence that she is a sociopath of the first order, which translates to: Given the magnitude of the office of President, Hillary Clinton is an existential threat to the human race and should not be in any position of power, much less the presidency. Continue reading

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I didn’t throw my vote away!

My absentee ballot arrived today. In less time than it takes for Bruce Willis to comb his hair, I made my choice. A vote is too precious to waste on criminals and narcissists. My ballot is on its way back to the United States of America. Continue reading

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Paying For The Peace Dividend

Be as skeptical as you want, paying for the Peace Dividend with a major realignment of our priorities and tax law, is the easy part. Fighting off the barrage of pseudo-scholarly neoliberal propaganda will be the challenge. The autocrats who now being criminally enriched by the current regime of crony capitalism and pay-for-play politics will battle this with every dirty trick they can come up with. Truth and fairness are on our side. We must not waver. We can pay for this. We can do this! Continue reading

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