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Warren Buffett or Jimmy Buffett?

The Warren Buffett Rule for reforming Congress is a nice idea. In fact, it’s a great idea! But it suffers from one fatal flaw. It would have to be passed by Congress. And as the record clearly shows, our current Congress will do nothing for everyday citizens. They are 100% loyal to, in fact owned by, the rich and powerful. Until we replace 95% of those currently in our legislative bodies, we can kiss good-bye any hope of getting anything done which will benefit the vast majority of us. We need to stop kidding ourselves and get to work: Regime change in Washington DC! Continue reading

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A Nation of Relentless Savagery

We kill efficiently. We kill without remorse. We kill without hesitation. In 2016, the final year in office for our Nobel Peace Prize president, the U.S. dropped 26,171 bombs on seven countries, none of which have attacked America, none of which we are officially at war with. History will judge the U.S. as Martin Luther King, Jr. did in his historic address: “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world …” When you file your return on April 15th, recall that this is where a nice chunk of your tax dollars went last year. Continue reading

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All boats rise in a rising tide? Really?

Wealth is a zero-sum game. Thus, all boats in an economic environment don’t rise with the tide. Some are swamped and sink. We now have the most grotesque levels of wealth inequality in history, both in the United States and across the globe. Continue reading

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Each of us is identified with a nation. We both have the rights and privileges that are conferred by citizenship, and likewise have a stake in what that nation does in our name, hence a responsibility not just to be aware of those activities but to be discerning, and laudatory or critical when necessary. The logical extension of this is that it is vitally important we each decide what kind of nation we want America to be, and to share that vision with others. Continue reading

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It’s a very special time of year!

May the new year finally bring peace to the world. May we discover and embrace the understanding needed to live together in genuine and lasting harmony. Continue reading

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