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Billionaire Club

How much is a billion dollars? If you were to spend $10,000 a day, it would take 274 years to go through a billion dollars. There are more than 43 million Americans living below the poverty line. Wealth inequality as a vital issue seems to be being crowded out of the national conversation by the latest catastrophes du jour. Since it undermines the entire premise of our democracy, we must keep it in the forefront of public debate. Continue reading

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From the – to the +

As citizens, we must decide how we are going to go about shaping our society and country, how our democracy will function, how the decisions get made, how much of the responsibility to ourselves and future generations we’re going to entrust and delegate to our leadership elite, the elected or de facto pillars of society, and what remains inviolably ours. To implement those decisions and new alignment of power, the sane and sensible majority must wrest the power from the misguided, greed and hubris-driven 1%, and put ‘We the people’ back in the political equation. My new book, “Candidate Contracts: A Manifesto (A New Front and Perhaps Last Stand at Establishing Representative Democracy in America)”, arriving in late May or early June, will point the way for American citizens to establish their rightful place in shaping the future of our nation for themselves and future generations. Continue reading

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America Is Losing The Base Race!

The U.S. is losing the base race with Russia! We are being held hostage to the horrible prospects of seeing huge billboards everywhere of bare-chested Putin riding a motorcycle, of vodka in our drinking water, of having our proud men-in-military-uniform wanting to play balalaikas and dance ballet. This is a national crisis! Continue reading

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Obama’s Neocons and Other Hawkish Lunatics

Obama’s foreign policy is a box of chocolates, except you always know what you’re going to get __ more war, more bombing, more drone assassinations, more illegal regime change, more chaos and destruction. It’s the company he keeps. He is surrounded by bloodthirsty, arguably mad, imperialist warmongers, megalomaniacs who see themselves as saviors of the Universe, chosen by destiny and blessed with infallibility. Were any of them to undergo sound and objective psychological testing, they would immediately be committed to maximum-security institutions for the criminally insane. Continue reading

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Isn’t it about time to stop this ugly business?

The U.S. has become the most prolific sponsor of coups in history but I see that soon coming to an end with one last epic regime change. This one will be the ouster of the imperial lunatics in the current administration, an epic game-changer that will be the mother of all coups and will put the rest of the world at ease, at least for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

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