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John Lennon’s song is a landmark achievement. But we need to imagine what is ennobling of the human spirit, morally sound, spiritually uplifting, socially constructive, liberating and fair, at the same time sticking to what’s achievable and truly consistent with the limitations of our species. Continue reading

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Squeak . . . woof . . . meow . . . tweet

Here, based on how many times they were “retweeted” or “favorited”, are some of the more popular verbal excretions that I oozed into the swirling torrent of Twitter burble over the past year. Continue reading

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Getting Rid of That Bulge in the Middle

A nation which has a sizable majority as middle-class, and is not plagued by extremes of wealth and poverty, is historically a nation which thrives, one which has a solid economy and laudable living standards. Unfortunately, the U.S. is accelerating in the wrong direction on both counts. Continue reading

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Putin’s War on America’s Christmas!

Cleverly disguised as attacks on ISIS, Putin is actually conducting a ruthless war in the Middle East targeting our Christmas holiday celebrations. Continue reading

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Press Release: National Council on Political Correctness

The cultivation of sodomy and other same-sex perversions is all around us. Most frighteningly, it is taking place right in our schools, subverting the innocent minds of our vulnerable youth. This press release from the National Council on Political Correctness offers some hope that this problem is being tackled with a thorough and aggressive “cleansing” of our culture, making it clean and wholesome again in the eyes of God. Continue reading

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