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Americans . . . GET A GRIP!

The War On Terrorism is a fraud. We are paying trillions of dollars to be frightened out of our minds by peddlers of fear, pimps for profiteering defense contractors. Continue reading

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More Bases More Bombs More War

The building of new military bases must end. The unnecessary expansion of U.S. military presence throughout the world is bankrupting our economy, incriminating each and every American citizen in horrifying war crimes, risking World War III, and ultimately will collapse the nation and take down the great American experiment. Continue reading

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Politics is a Rock Concert, Not a Seminar.

All we have now is war, morning, noon and night . . . 24/7/365. We need a new “anthem” that rocks this nation back to its senses. War and fear and militarization and national bankruptcy are over . . . if you want it. Continue reading

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Let’s Try To Figure This Out

The bulk of climate change denial studies is generated by bought-and-paid-for lackeys who WORK FOR THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY! While it represents only 3% of the scientific publications on this critical topic, the PR campaign by giant oil, gas, and coal corporations has been highly effective, so the public remains evenly split. Even for those who are concerned about the threat of climate change to civilization, the self-serving deceptions by participants in the recent COP21 fiasco produce a luster of false hope and delusion. Fortunately, this fools no one who is really paying attention. Unfortunately, it portends bleak prospects for any massive substantial reform of our economic and environmental policies. Coordinated disinformation and willful denial are a devastating combination. Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

My heartfelt holiday song, performed by my lovely wife Masumi and I. Continue reading

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