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The Politics of Panic and Puerile Propaganda

Every day I scan the pages and websites of main stream media and nowhere can I find a discussion of truly critical issues, much less a serious attempt to address them with cogent, creative, promising solutions. This should be shocking but it’s not. It’s the new normal. Continue reading

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Let’s Try To Figure This Out

The bulk of climate change denial studies is generated by bought-and-paid-for lackeys who WORK FOR THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY! While it represents only 3% of the scientific publications on this critical topic, the PR campaign by giant oil, gas, and coal corporations has been highly effective, so the public remains evenly split. Even for those who are concerned about the threat of climate change to civilization, the self-serving deceptions by participants in the recent COP21 fiasco produce a luster of false hope and delusion. Fortunately, this fools no one who is really paying attention. Unfortunately, it portends bleak prospects for any massive substantial reform of our economic and environmental policies. Coordinated disinformation and willful denial are a devastating combination. Continue reading

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What is more evil than pure evil?

Hitler was given a pass by the German people on his less than savory activities, the collateral damage, all the unpleasant but necessary slaughter required to achieve the greater glory of Germany. Is this the example we should be following when our own leaders implement genocidal wars, support homicidal regimes, torture and kill ‘enemies’, often innocent people who never have the opportunity to defend themselves? Continue reading

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Militarizing The Police – Part 4

The police are not only being militarized with equipment but with a mentality that makes the average, peaceful, law-abiding citizen the enemy. Continue reading

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Turning A Blind Eye Does Not Change The View

Opponents of any kind of rational, constructive discussion of global warming and what modifications we must make in both personal behavior and official policy are always saying that the science is not in with respect to human impact on climate change. Hate to break it to them but it is. Continue reading

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Global Warming Solved!

Scientists have concluded that a modest nuclear war would most likely reverse the threat of global warming. Continue reading

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