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Life In Japan: New Years

Oh yes, what a wild time we had bringing in the New Year. Fasten your seat belts and savor the events which surrounded the onset of 2018 for us here in Japan. Continue reading

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A Simple Straight-Forward Message for a Complex Convoluted Time

This is about “Happy New Year”, my holiday greeting card to the world, a song I wrote three years ago, performed by my lovely and extremely talented wife and myself, here in my home studio in Japan. I believe it offers a simple straightforward message for a complex convoluted time. Continue reading

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Benten Shrine Ceremony

This past weekend was our annual Benten Shrine ceremony. The whole celebration took about an hour. Lots of smiles, good will, warm feelings. Life in Japan is still full of wonder for me. What a fascinating country! Continue reading

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I Love Japan Redux

Japanese have kept alive some traditions which promote sense of community, and the shared responsibility of living in that community. They create opportunities to work together for the common good, get to know one another, and just enjoy other folks who happen to live in the same geographical setting. This is what America desperately needs to overcome the fear, divisiveness, isolation, fragmentation. Here’s a challenge to my fellow Americans: How do you think people would react if you went from house to house and said, “How about if we get together and clean up the neighborhood, plant some flowers, then have a nice barbecue?” Continue reading

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Clouds of Pollen in the Spring

Nothing like some scientific knowledge to fill in the blanks, those blanks being the desolate stretches in our brains which result in a lack of understanding and appreciation for the magnificent workings of nature. Continue reading

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It’s a very special time of year!

May the new year finally bring peace to the world. May we discover and embrace the understanding needed to live together in genuine and lasting harmony. Continue reading

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Just a little . . .

It’s easy to confuse the little questions with the big questions. Language itself is often imprecise and misleading. Yet at other times it offers the appearance of an exactitude which is unwarranted, or at least inapplicable. Can we see the difference when we need to? Have we become so smart that we are outsmarting ourselves? Have we become victims of a conflation of logic and hubris? Continue reading

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Update: Stairway To Heaven

Why do we seek high places? We generally look up when we pray. We don’t send our prayers into the dirt, we launch them out and upwards to float into the ether of spiritual space. We certainly don’t ever aspire to the lower moral ground. We don’t say, ‘I’m at the bottom of the world.’ We don’t declare, ‘I had a valley experience.’ When we smoke a joint, we don’t get low. I guess we just assume that somewhere “up there” is some comfort. Maybe some answers. And if we don’t get the answers we need, at least we have a nice view or easy exhilaration. Continue reading

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Still Crazy After All These Years

My wife, Masumi, has yoga and ballet. Even in the cold, twice a week I stumble up and down a big mound of dirt. Works for me. Is it so unreasonable to think that every single person in the world deserves this? Just a simple, basic shot at happiness, free from hunger, fear, war, oppression. Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

My heartfelt holiday song, performed by my lovely wife Masumi and I. Continue reading

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