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No Negotiating With Terrorists

U.S. terrorism expresses itself internationally as wars, regime changes, special operations missions, economic manipulation and interference, cyber and propaganda warfare, and is implemented with the forward-basing of troops and often outright military occupation of 140 countries. While we can find fault in the workings of the loose collective of institutions which make up what is now called the Deep State, much direct blame for our terrorism can be assigned to the CIA. We now have little choice. The CIA and all traces of it must be eradicated. “No negotiating with terrorists!” Continue reading

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The Peace Movement in America: Status Report

The world is rushing headlong toward world war, risking nuclear annihilation and the end of the human race. Eliminating geopolitical idiocy, imperial hubris, and monomaniacal delusions of conquest by challenging our warmongering elites with an effective plan of action should be what shapes and defines the struggle of those noble organizations attempting to abolish war and promote peace throughout the world. Otherwise, the next time I file an update, the response will be … “What peace movement?” Continue reading

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War On Terror = More Terrorism and More War = More Terrorism and More War = . . .

We can talk and talk, cite all sorts of statistics, construct marvelous narratives, collect anecdotes, offer incisive and powerful analysis. But sometimes a few charts says it far better than any amount of verbiage. These charts say all that needs to be said. Continue reading

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Paying For The Peace Dividend

Be as skeptical as you want, paying for the Peace Dividend with a major realignment of our priorities and tax law, is the easy part. Fighting off the barrage of pseudo-scholarly neoliberal propaganda will be the challenge. The autocrats who now being criminally enriched by the current regime of crony capitalism and pay-for-play politics will battle this with every dirty trick they can come up with. Truth and fairness are on our side. We must not waver. We can pay for this. We can do this! Continue reading

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Dealing With A Shark Attack

How do you deal with a shark attack in a swimming pool? You drain the water and watch the shark suffocate.

The Peace Dividend strategy is exactly that. Drain the pool of funds which our insane neocon-infested military establishment — which includes the DOD, NSA, CIA, DHS, Congress, and the White House — abuses with its never-ending wars and delusional pursuit of world empire. No money. No more unnecessary wars. Continue reading

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The Peace Dividend Concept . . . Now A Book

The Peace Dividend concept originally appeared and is explored in summary form in two previous books, “Candidate Contracts: Taking Back Our Democracy” and “Fighting for the Democracy We Deserve.” But now it has its own dedicated volume, with full explication, justification, and documentation: “The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World.” Continue reading

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Thought Experiment

Call me silly, but common sense and the wisdom conferred by reading a little history tells me that making life better for all Americans is preferable to spending the money creating chaos, suffering, death and destruction across the globe. Does that make me a socialist? A hippie? A peace-and-love Pollyanna? Continue reading

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Americans . . . GET A GRIP!

The War On Terrorism is a fraud. We are paying trillions of dollars to be frightened out of our minds by peddlers of fear, pimps for profiteering defense contractors. Continue reading

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Promises and Platitudes vs. Contractual Commitment

If you are as fed up as I am at the gridlock, the shutdowns, the broken promises, the back door deals, the endless excuses, the horrifying waste of our hard-earned tax dollars that ends up lining the pockets of the already ultra-wealthy 1%, the Wall Street bankers, and the fat cats of the military-industrial complex — who keep the wars going because that keeps the profits flowing — if you are as fed up as I am at we the people always being last on the list when it comes to fixing the problems we need to tackle for America to fulfill its constitutional mandate to promote the general welfare and offer a quality life for every American, not just the filthy rich, then at least . . . LOOK AT WHAT I’M PROPOSING. Continue reading

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What part of “Listen to me!” didn’t you understand?

It appears that there is one sane person running for president, and that person is to an impressive degree “listening” to the American public and willing to fight for a better life for all Americans, not just the privileged few. Unfortunately, Mr. Sanders doesn’t understand that the policies he currently embraces on defense and international relations will sabotage his noble intentions and the quality of life for everyday Americans will continue to decline, if we don’t end up in a nuclear war with Russia and/or China, in which case there won’t be any life on Earth at all. It’s up to us to straighten him out! Sanders has some solid ideas and a good heart. But on the military and American empire, unfortunately he’s dead wrong. If he wants our votes, we should put him on notice. He must rethink these critical items and clean up his act. Then and only then can we give him our 100% support. Continue reading

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