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Mobilization Without Method Is Meaningless

If there is any doubt about my message, here it is: To mobilize people behind any cause, regardless of how worthy that cause is, regardless of how intrinsically appealing it may be to get these folks marching, singing, chanting, shouting for that cause, if there is no clear strategy which targets an equally clear and obvious outcome, with a realistic expectation that the strategy will achieve that outcome, then the mobilization is a waste of time. Some forethought, planning, disciplined and targeted activism goes much further than making a lot of noise. Continue reading

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The Peace Dividend: Some Perspective

There is a powerful reason why the Peace Dividend project should target those Trump voters, who are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the orange demagogue. With the current insane drive to war, the risks of starting WWIII, the potential for nuclear annihilation, we need EVERYONE on board. As Trump and his neoliberal/neocon assault troops continue to wreak havoc — picture coming military conflicts and the inevitable crash of the economy this year or next — the masses will be singularly outraged, hungry for REAL ACTION. The Peace Dividend offers a simple direct decisive plan of action. Continue reading

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Peace Dividend Candidates

If we really want our money back; if we want the endless wars to stop; if we want to see our country become strong, safe, solvent; if we want to reverse the barbarous, self-destructive militarization of our country and the world; if we want to end the slaughter of thousands of innocent people across the globe and be respected again as a country that promotes peace and harmony, then we only vote for candidates who sign the Peace Dividend Refund candidate contract. No compromise. No equivocation. No negotiation. No fear. Continue reading

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The Peace Dividend: Could It Really Happen?

When everyday people realize they have the power to demand this fraudulently collected tax payer money back in the form of a $14,952 refund to each and every living citizen, they might just get a little excited. In fact, if the word gets around, I predict they will immediately, forcefully, uncompromisingly demand their money back — every last dollar! Therefore, I’m now convinced that if we as peace advocates make the case for the Peace Dividend with boldness and clarity, success is inevitable. Yes! It could really happen. Continue reading

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The Peace Movement in America: Status Report

The world is rushing headlong toward world war, risking nuclear annihilation and the end of the human race. Eliminating geopolitical idiocy, imperial hubris, and monomaniacal delusions of conquest by challenging our warmongering elites with an effective plan of action should be what shapes and defines the struggle of those noble organizations attempting to abolish war and promote peace throughout the world. Otherwise, the next time I file an update, the response will be … “What peace movement?” Continue reading

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Take it to the streets!

Effective street protests are no longer possible. Even Micah White, one of the founders of OWS, has declared that things have changed and we need to find different mechanisms for demanding reform. Continue reading

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