Peace Dividend Candidates

We need to get every candidate running for federal office in 2018 on board.

The Peace Dividend Refund is long overdue.

It’s time the government paid up!

As I mentioned in my previous blog . . .

“All the Peace Dividend strategy requires is that people look at it, then stand strong and united — stick up for themselves and other good decent American citizens who have been getting the shaft — then go into the voting booth and only vote for candidates who give us a legally-binding guarantee that they will go to Washington DC and do what needs to be done.”

Okay, that’s simple enough.  We know who to vote for and who not to vote for.

But what’s a “legally-binding guarantee”?

This is the legally-binding candidate contract for the Peace Dividend Refund:

It’s very straightforward.

If we really want our money back; if we want the endless wars to stop; if we want to see our country become strong, safe, solvent; if we want to reverse the barbarous, self-destructive militarization of our country and the world; if we want to end the slaughter of thousands of innocent people across the globe and be respected again as a country that promotes peace and harmony, then . . .

We only vote for candidates who sign the above contract.

No compromise.  No equivocation.  No negotiation.  No fear.

If a candidate for federal office — President, Senate, House of Representatives — will not sign on the dotted line, he does not deserve, nor will he or she get our vote.

If we stand strong, remain united, refuse to back down, we can do this.

Our children and our children’s children will thank us.


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  • Kecin Stoda
    • Are you sure the U.S. wants you to come back? Teaching peace might be judged a terrorist activity and you would be prosecuted under any number of acts, subjected to scorn as a traitor by the media, perhaps the subject of vitriolic Tweets by our Commander-In-Chief.

      However, I’ll answer your question hopefully to inspire others to follow your excellent example.

      Establish residency in any congressional district where there is a warmongering incumbent — that shouldn’t be very hard to do, since you’ll have many to choose from — contact any and all opposition parties in the area and have them put you on the ballot for the 2018 election, or if that’s not an option, run as an independent. Sign the contract you see above in the body of the article (you can download a copy here … This contract should be the centerpiece of your campaign. Challenge the other candidates to sign it (they won’t) and tell voters that you intend to go to Washington DC along with hundreds of others across the nation, pass the Peace Dividend legislation, get them their Peace Dividend refund, and start putting the country back on track, ending the militarism, the sickening wars, the insane aggression and intimidation.

      Let me know how it works out.

      • Kecin Stoda

        Well, you wrote the article which in a way responded to mine. Why suddenly so discouraging?

        • Not discouraging at all. Just commenting on the neo-McCarthy paranoia and ultra-nationalism pandemic inside the propaganda bubble. If you are serious, I will support you in any way I can. Just don’t ask me to live there.

          Surely you noticed the tongue-in-cheek tone of my response. Dark humor is my middle name.

          • Kecin Stoda

            I grew up in a very sarcastic land, called Kansas and had trouble with some whit all along. Only as an adult did someone indicate I had ADHD (which I later took research on), and those of us with ADHD are not good at non-verbal signals at times, which sarcasm requires.

          • Only my opening comments were sardonic. But I was expressing genuine surprise that you would want to go back to live in that maelstrom. All my advice was sincere and accurate. The format of a peace dividend campaign built around the candidate contract is at base very straightforward. But as with any campaign, the day-to-day implementation is everything. The contract must be used as a sledgehammer to destroy your opponent’s credibility: 1) by refusing to get the refund that’s due to the constituents, he is showing his disloyalty and lack of concern for fairness or for their welfare; 2) by refusing to commit to ending the military madness, he is showing that the quality of life for his constituents takes a back seat to filling the coffers of the war industry corporations and their wealthy investors. He’s putting profit over people, war over a peaceful, harmonious co-existence with the rest of humankind. Campaigns are very simple animals: Make your opponent look like crap, make yourself look great. The Peace Dividend strategy is a good start at looking real good in the eyes of potential voters. It’s just a matter of getting the message out and beating up your opponents with it. Do I sound violent? I’m just realistic about politics. It’s a cage fight, not a prayer meeting. It’s a rock concert, not a seminar …

          • Kecin Stoda
          • Kecin Stoda

            Read my statement in this OPED and get back to me on advice, ok?
            OpEdNews Op Eds 12/19/2016 at 18:27:12
            Should I finally return to the States and teach Civics, Government, Human & Civil Rights to America’s Kids today?

          • nelswight

            Is that John DARKHUMOR Rachel – correct?

          • Finally! After all these years, someone correctly guessed what the ‘D’ stands for in John D Rachel. You win a months supply of Q-tips and a free subscription to Let Your Fingers Do The Walking, A Monthly Magazine of Celebrity Gossip in Braille.