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What’s wrong with this picture?

Want to make America safe? Want to make America loved and respected throughout the world? Halt the famine that is now developing in Africa and put a permanent end to world hunger. Our nation will no longer be looked at as the propagators of death and destruction but be heralded as saviors and saints. Continue reading

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The Peace Dividend: Some Perspective

There is a powerful reason why the Peace Dividend project should target those Trump voters, who are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the orange demagogue. With the current insane drive to war, the risks of starting WWIII, the potential for nuclear annihilation, we need EVERYONE on board. As Trump and his neoliberal/neocon assault troops continue to wreak havoc — picture coming military conflicts and the inevitable crash of the economy this year or next — the masses will be singularly outraged, hungry for REAL ACTION. The Peace Dividend offers a simple direct decisive plan of action. Continue reading

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The Peace Dividend: Could It Really Happen?

When everyday people realize they have the power to demand this fraudulently collected tax payer money back in the form of a $14,952 refund to each and every living citizen, they might just get a little excited. In fact, if the word gets around, I predict they will immediately, forcefully, uncompromisingly demand their money back — every last dollar! Therefore, I’m now convinced that if we as peace advocates make the case for the Peace Dividend with boldness and clarity, success is inevitable. Yes! It could really happen. Continue reading

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A Nation of Relentless Savagery

We kill efficiently. We kill without remorse. We kill without hesitation. In 2016, the final year in office for our Nobel Peace Prize president, the U.S. dropped 26,171 bombs on seven countries, none of which have attacked America, none of which we are officially at war with. History will judge the U.S. as Martin Luther King, Jr. did in his historic address: “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world …” When you file your return on April 15th, recall that this is where a nice chunk of your tax dollars went last year. Continue reading

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What part of “Listen to me!” didn’t you understand?

It appears that there is one sane person running for president, and that person is to an impressive degree “listening” to the American public and willing to fight for a better life for all Americans, not just the privileged few. Unfortunately, Mr. Sanders doesn’t understand that the policies he currently embraces on defense and international relations will sabotage his noble intentions and the quality of life for everyday Americans will continue to decline, if we don’t end up in a nuclear war with Russia and/or China, in which case there won’t be any life on Earth at all. It’s up to us to straighten him out! Sanders has some solid ideas and a good heart. But on the military and American empire, unfortunately he’s dead wrong. If he wants our votes, we should put him on notice. He must rethink these critical items and clean up his act. Then and only then can we give him our 100% support. Continue reading

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From the – to the +

As citizens, we must decide how we are going to go about shaping our society and country, how our democracy will function, how the decisions get made, how much of the responsibility to ourselves and future generations we’re going to entrust and delegate to our leadership elite, the elected or de facto pillars of society, and what remains inviolably ours. To implement those decisions and new alignment of power, the sane and sensible majority must wrest the power from the misguided, greed and hubris-driven 1%, and put ‘We the people’ back in the political equation. My new book, “Candidate Contracts: A Manifesto (A New Front and Perhaps Last Stand at Establishing Representative Democracy in America)”, arriving in late May or early June, will point the way for American citizens to establish their rightful place in shaping the future of our nation for themselves and future generations. Continue reading

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Absentee Democracy

Sometimes I am challenged by the dimmer bulbs among us: “What kind of American are you? YOU LIVE IN JAPAN!” The answer that comes immediately to mind is: “I’m the kind of American who lives in Japan.” Continue reading

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Ship of State

We can sweat the small stuff but all we will end up doing is standing in a puddle of sweat. Continue reading

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It’s Nothing Personal

Our elected representatives may or may not be nice folks. It’s irrelevant. They are out of touch and working day and night in opposition to the interests of the majority of Americans. Time to give them their walking papers. Continue reading

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The Face of Courage

On September 18, 2001, the Authorization to Use Military Force was signed into law by President George W. Bush. It had passed 98-0 in the Senate and 420-1 in the House of Representatives. The one dissenting vote against the legislation that has sent this nation headlong into the abyss which we have been brainwashed into embracing as the War on Terror, was cast by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA). Continue reading

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