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Oratory as a Weapon of Mass Deception

You can pretty much tape a copy of Obama’s speech at the U.N. this week to the wall, throw darts at it, and end up 9 times out of 10 hitting a half-truth, outright lie, or manipulative mangling of reality. I won’t even try to cover everything which puts this in the all-time Top 10 for gross misuse of oratorical gifts and abuse of the powerful platform he is accorded as president. Just a few comments along the way, made when I was able to get my gag reflex under control . . . Continue reading

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Promises and Platitudes vs. Contractual Commitment

If you are as fed up as I am at the gridlock, the shutdowns, the broken promises, the back door deals, the endless excuses, the horrifying waste of our hard-earned tax dollars that ends up lining the pockets of the already ultra-wealthy 1%, the Wall Street bankers, and the fat cats of the military-industrial complex — who keep the wars going because that keeps the profits flowing — if you are as fed up as I am at we the people always being last on the list when it comes to fixing the problems we need to tackle for America to fulfill its constitutional mandate to promote the general welfare and offer a quality life for every American, not just the filthy rich, then at least . . . LOOK AT WHAT I’M PROPOSING. Continue reading

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What part of “Listen to me!” didn’t you understand?

It appears that there is one sane person running for president, and that person is to an impressive degree “listening” to the American public and willing to fight for a better life for all Americans, not just the privileged few. Unfortunately, Mr. Sanders doesn’t understand that the policies he currently embraces on defense and international relations will sabotage his noble intentions and the quality of life for everyday Americans will continue to decline, if we don’t end up in a nuclear war with Russia and/or China, in which case there won’t be any life on Earth at all. It’s up to us to straighten him out! Sanders has some solid ideas and a good heart. But on the military and American empire, unfortunately he’s dead wrong. If he wants our votes, we should put him on notice. He must rethink these critical items and clean up his act. Then and only then can we give him our 100% support. Continue reading

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What Passes for Rationality in the Modern World

Who in their right mind would come up with MAD __ mutual assured destruction __ then destabilize it with policies which replace its precarious, paranoid, hair-trigger brinkmanship with more confrontation and a renewed arms race? Continue reading

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Fighting for the Democracy We Deserve

“Fighting for the Democracy We Deserve” is a manual for constructive voting in the 2016 election. It presents a concrete plan for wresting control of the country and our democracy back from the rich and powerful, and restoring the constitutional mandate of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. There is a financial reward for saving America from authoritarian rule by the corporate elite. If voters unite behind the strategy contained in this short book, each and every U.S. citizen will end up $14,084 richer. Continue reading

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