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Fighting for the Democracy We Deserve

“Fighting for the Democracy We Deserve” is a manual for constructive voting in the 2016 election. It presents a concrete plan for wresting control of the country and our democracy back from the rich and powerful, and restoring the constitutional mandate of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. There is a financial reward for saving America from authoritarian rule by the corporate elite. If voters unite behind the strategy contained in this short book, each and every U.S. citizen will end up $14,084 richer. Continue reading

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Just a theory . . .

What was just a theory yesterday can become a reality today and new possibilities will define all our tomorrows … at least, in theory. Continue reading

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VIDEO BLOG: OMG . . . I woke up black!

I can see where this is going.
Brother, the true colors are showing.
Voting is a constitutionally protected right.
But truth is . . . that’s only if you’re white.

Oh yeah! Continue reading

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