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I’m not worried … yes, I am … no, not really … well, maybe a little.

Did the Pope mention Alfred E. Neuman during his recent visit to the U.S.? Continue reading

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Donald Knows Best

Let’s make it an all ‘Donald’ administration and we can count on a jolly, no-holds-barred, rollicking good time! Continue reading

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Hillary’s Secret Campaign Strategy

Hillary Clinton has a secret plan for winning the presidential election in 2016. Continue reading

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The Bully Pulpit vs. American Idol

When presidential elections are run as beauty pageants, or talent contest spectacles like American Idol, we can’t expect real leadership. We can only expect a president who struts and works the audience, plays the judges, gives crowd-pleasing performances, and soaks up the all the love he can get. We certainly can’t expect thoughtful, principled stands on the vital issues, responding to the greater needs of the country and serving the general welfare of the public. Continue reading

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I Am Barack Obama

It is hard to imagine that there is anyone in this country __ Democrat, Republican, Independent, undeclared __ who isn’t a little perplexed by this enigmatic man, Barack Obama. Here is an analysis of his persona, personality and public record which may shed some light on him. Continue reading

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