Mission Control: We Have A Problem

On balance, I see Bernie Sanders’ running for president as a positive thing. I wrote this back in August 2011, voicing my support for his candidacy long before the Bernie Sanders For President bandwagon left the barn last month.

Mr. Sanders has some troubling ideas in terms of foreign policy.

But contrasted with a dynastic rematch between the neocon shrew Hillary and the neocon opportunist Jeb, there is no contest.

Go Bernie!

Nonetheless, I feel required to point out something, which in the exhilaration of his early campaigning, no one has addressed.

What if Bernie wins?

If you think we have dysfunctional government now, just try to imagine what would be the result of such a historical “upset” in the duopoly game plan. The center and center-right Democrats — there are only a handful of genuinely progressive Democrats — would team with the center-right and right-right Republicans, their shared control of electoral politics threatened by the anomalous election of a truly progressive president. The only legislation which would pass would be bipartisan anti-progressive veto-proof bills.

Of course, with their long-established common ground — an agenda of defeating anything which the corporate plutocracy disapproves of — and even more importantly their newly discovered common objective — totally destroying the Bernie Sanders presidency itself — mustering 67 votes in the Senate and 300 votes in the House would be a piece of cake.

Bear in mind that on the off-chance he wins the Democratic nomination, he will only be window-dressing for the Dems, a desperate attempt at pulling in the populist vote, which they lost by abandoning the middle and working classes. Any success at the polls by these turncoats will translate into even more aggressive promotion of the vile corporatist agenda they have pursued for decades now, as the Democratic Party steadily morphed into the left wing of the Republican Party.

The simple point is this:  While a Bernie Sanders presidency would inject some hope into our dismal electoral politics and floundering democracy, his election without a supportive Congress would create gridlock and dysfunction of biblical proportions. President Sanders would be demonized, vilified, emasculated, meaning the prospects for the advancement of a progressive agenda, serving the needs of all Americans, not just the ultra-wealthy, would be set back for decades.

There is an obvious remedy to this predictable mega-gridlock.

Blocs of at minimum 34 senators and 151 representatives with an unyielding commitment to Mr. Sanders’ 12-point plan for restoring the economy MUST be put in place via the 2016 election. Either we replace many of the current corporate toadies holding elected office, or the promise of a Bernie Sanders presidency is doomed to utter failure.

I’ll get right to the point.

I have a plan for accomplishing that and — if progressive activists can actually get it together — indeed do much much more.

It’s contained in my new book, over 900 copies of which have already been sent to independent and Green Party candidates, NPOs, and think tanks across the nation.

A quiet revolution is possible.

But it requires making a lot of noise.

“Candidate Contracts: Taking Back Our Democracy” is now available . . .

Amazon (Kindle) . . . amzn.to/1QJRiNZ
Apple (iBooks) . . . apple.co/1BXnPcy
Amazon (Paperback) . . . amzn.to/1Cuq0du
Barnes & Noble . . . bit.ly/1GpTTLq
Smashwords . . . bit.ly/1B4DQCp
Direct from printer . . . bit.ly/1MGjDnN

Am I promoting my book?

No . . . I’m promoting my ideas.


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  • Anonymous

    If you were promoting your ideas and not your book you would summarize them in this piece, but you don’t. If you were promoting your ideas and not your book you would publish your book free on-line, but you don’t.. Your ideas may be good, but you are indeed promoting your book.

    • Your comment is so simple-minded and naive, I thought about not replying. However, since you can type and at least form coherent sentences, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and try to enrich your fairy tale metaphysics with some fundamentals.

      Even if there were no publisher involved and I were putting this out on my own, I still would not make it free. This takes into consideration the following realities of human nature, my situation, and my particular world view:

      I have spent over three years researching and writing this book. While my publisher allows 50 to be comped for promotion, I have sent out over 900. But they were sent out selectively to candidates, journalists, political bloggers, political analysts, think tanks, campaign managers and consultants. These folks by virtue of their role in the political game both will value and may benefit from my work. I am now in debt over $3000 for my “promoting my ideas.”

      So my commitment is a matter of record.

      If someone like yourself perhaps, actually has some interest, is it really such an extraordinary thing to respect the value of my labors by buying a copy? You see, I have studied this. 99% of books that are downloaded free are never read. The people who grab these amazing deals may have the intention of reading the free book but statistically we know they never do. Why? They __ like you __ have no skin in the game. Nothing invested. While I’ve done my part, given hundreds of hours of my time, applied my best intellectual skills, even put over $3000 on the table, what do you have to offer? A witless, cheap shot comment and a hand outstretched, as you give me your best homeboy plea, “Come on, man. If you really want to promote your ideas, give them to me! Give them to me right now, because I want them. And you have them. And they should be free! Because even though I’ve never done much of anything, I should have your book for free. See how this works?”

      I don’t know who you are. But I know your style. I’ve dealt with individuals like you all my life who don’t understand worth and don’t respect hard work. I hope you pass along nobler and more wholesome values to that cute kid that’s in the photo with you. She deserves better.

      You might find this interesting, though with your attitude and mindset, you probably won’t believe me. Even with my fiction books, if someone tells me they are really interested but don’t have the money, I always send them a free book. Just because decent people deserve kindness. If you had just asked me, instead of insulting me, I would have gladly sent you a copy. My bill is already astronomical and its important to me that people see this.

      Don’t bother asking now, please. There’s something wrong with you.

  • Re Heubel
    • A sign that sanity is still a force in American politics. Thanks for the link!

  • Doves

    Hi John, I too spotted Bernie for Pres., as far back as 2012, when I was wishful he would primary Obama. I think what you have done with this book is exactly what he is asking for – contribute to a grassroots strong quiet Revolution. I don’t have kindle so will look for paperback to come out on Amazon.

  • John Thompson

    Let the Democrats show their true colors and side with the GOP to block Bernie’s agenda. That will just let more Americans realize that both parties are bought off. At that point we can start to fix our problems.

    The strategy of depending GOP lite Democrats fixing America’s problems has been a failure. GOP lite Dems want to stick to this failure policy to appease their campaign donors. Screw that.

    • I thought it was already obvious that the Democrats were a subsidiary of corporate/Wall Street/investment bank America. But you may be right. Maybe the public hasn’t figured it out yet.

      • John Thompson

        well it is, but even more people will see this if both Republicans and Democrats team up against Bernie. When we reach the critical mass of Americans rejecting both parties, then we can get the fundamental changes we need. Or there can be a Democratic take over where they become the party of FDR again and kick out all the GOP lite corporate Democrats. The GOP is way beyond hope to repair.

        • Both parties are beyond redemption. Actually, we have only one party with two almost indistinguishable faces. Look at the photo of Obama sitting with Boehner and O’Connell brainstorming to pass TPP. That says it all.