Back To The Basics

Mark Karlin just posted at Buzzflash (a favorite site of mine) a very articulate and timely article called “Just a Few Ways Corporations Kill Innovation in the United States”.  Read it here.

It got me thinking.

In my senior year high school civics class in lovely Detroit, I was taught that there are three pillars to a solid, vibrant economy:  business, labor and government.  Moreover, it is the tension and dynamic interaction of these three co-equal institutions which fuels economic growth and raises the overall standard of living for all Americans.  This has been the structural foundation of our national economic miracle.

What has happened?

Labor unions have been destroyed, government has been bought by corporations, and big business has elevated itself to a position of absolute control (if not heartless tyranny) in the form of a corporate kleptocracy raiding the Treasury and impoverishing the citizenry.

Maybe it’s time to revisit that old textbook.

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