Really Bad Television

The whole debt ceiling debacle was a really bad made-for-TV drama.

It should have been immediately canceled.

It never should have aired in the first place.

Not only is there specific language in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution which invalidates the very idea that America could default on its obligations. But as is explained in a brilliant and well-supported article posted on OpEdNews, the language embodied in 31 USC 3101 of the Public Debt Law of 1941 itself, unambiguously and explicitly “gives the President the EXPRESS, inherent and unilateral authority to direct the Secretary of the Treasury to incur obligations to cover all expenditures authorized by law, which is to say the sum of the appropriations bills Congress has already passed.”

This directly applicable and legally binding statute has not come up even once in all of the blather we have had to endure over the past several weeks.  Are we really to believe that not a single one of Obama’s policy experts, that not a single one of the 535 lawmakers on Capitol Hill has any idea what existing law says?

I say the debt ceiling crisis and its supposedly bipartisan resolution was a sham.  Again the American people were duped and defrauded by the Congress and the President, with the full support of the corporate propaganda machine known as the media.

This manufactured drama, which was about as real as professional wrestling, is imposition by veiled tyranny of public policy which is contrary to the interests of the vast majority of Americans.  It is at its core deceitful and, if we are to be honest with ourselves about it, treasonous.

This whole business and similarly staged political soap opera is really bad television and is destroying America.

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