Throw the bums out!

72% of American voters are for raising
taxes on the wealthy.

That equates to 108 million people.

76% of American voters want to cut back
on military spending.

That’s 114 million people.

72% of American voters want a federal minimum wage of $10.00 or more.

108 million people.

74% of American voters are for ending oil subsidies.

111 million people.

79% of American voters want no cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

Over 118 million people.

93% of American voters want labeling of GMOs in their food.

That’s nearly 140 million people!!

But none of this gets done!

The simple and insulting truth is that a mere 500 or so men defy the will of millions, that the very people we elect and send to Washington to create laws that protect our interests, refuse to represent us, ignore our clearly stated will on these crucial issues and many more.

They ignore “we the people” and do the bidding of “we the rich”. Until we confront these play-for-pay lapdogs, they will continue to serve a tiny elite minority of rich and powerful oligarchs and America will continue its slow but certain decline. You and I will live like beggars and America will become a Third World country.

We’ve all been appalled by recent events. We’ve watched as our government was shut down. We’ve been horrified by the fight over the debt limit. We’ve seen the systematic destruction of our democratic way of life.

So what can we do? With millions of dollars of fat cat money floating around, the voice of the regular guy has been drowned out. There has been no way to get rid of the crooks and liars. But I believe now there is.

How did that old expression go?

“Throw the bums out!”

We do this using a new, unique and powerful strategy for taking on the corrupting cancer of money in politics __ an end run around the iron grip which Wall Street, big banks and corporate oligarchs now have on our political system. This sledgehammer approach gives the 500 corporate toadies in Congress, who arrogantly sit inside the Washington DC bubble and ignore the very people who voted them into office, a simple straightforward ultimatum: Do your job and start representing “we the people” or collect your pink slip.

It’s a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners method for cleaning up the corruption among our elected officials and putting people in office who will do our bidding. It forces the men and women we choose on election day to start taking their orders from us, instead of the deep-pocketed puppet masters who have effectively stolen our government by buying off our senators, congressmen, even our president, with huge campaign donations.

This is an election year and people are frustrated and angry. Congress started the new year at a historically low 13% approval rating.

I say we channel that frustration and anger into a unified and constructive effort to restore true representative democracy to our country.

It’s up to us. But something has to happen immediately. We are fast approaching a point of no return, beyond which the specter of a rigid totalitarian state looms. Either we replace our current legislators or they will replace our country with one we don’t recognize.

Look around. It’s already happening.

So either we rise up now in a bloodless coup at the polls or we rise up later in the streets. Revolution in the streets will not be bloodless and I suspect it won’t end well. The blatant and ruthless dismemberment of OWS was a warning.

Time to unite and act decisively.

Hopefully it’s not too late.

Sometimes truth comes from an unexpected place and from an unlikely messenger.

It doesn’t matter the source. It’s still the truth.

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  • Anonymous

    it needs to be done. If it doesn’t happen with this next election, I really think it will be too late.

    • As do I. Time to talk to our neighbors about these traitors we’ve been putting in office.

  • OWS is not dead. The movement that is responsible for bringing the issue of economic inequality to center stage continues to be active in advocating against Wall Street and in favor of the people. Don’t count us out just yet.

    • No way am I discounting OWS! Let’s be objective. It was a game changer. It completely re-defined the national conversation and its effects are still felt to this day. It sure got the attention of the ruling elite, which is why they so brutally crushed the movement. I am looking forward to great things from OWS or whatever it is called in the coming years.

  • Anonymous
  • An excellent post as always, John. Your comments are directed against the ‘ruling class’ of the United States. Change the numbers, and change the names of your polls and they would be equally applicable to the United Kingdom. Politicians in power here respond to polls and questions with contrived PR and ‘politically clever’ responses that in reality are de facto lies. As you say, if they do not democratically ‘listen’ to the people, the people will eventually rise up in disorder or revolution. They have no option. I honestly believe we are closer to revolution in the UK than at any time since the ‘Iron Duke’ of Wellington. The garden is well prepared for the seeds of dissent.

  • Anonymous

    You make some great points, but, do
    you think that if we replace our current politicians with more
    politicians, that anything substantive would change? We may be
    able to push through one or more changes to the law, or even a
    constitutional amendment; but without a change that allows the people an
    opportunity to vote on the laws that rule them, then what difference have we made. Instead we need to institute the ballot initiative at
    the Federal level. The people could change the laws by a simple
    process that is similar to one from Switzerland. The people can
    petition to place a proposed law on the election ballot. If enough
    people, say three percent, sign the petition, then the law is placed on
    the ballot to be voted on by the people. If a majority of the people of
    the nation, and a majority of the people from within a majority of
    states, vote for the proposed law, then it becomes law. What do you

    • I think we have to hand-pick carefully vetted replacements for the current crop of miscreants. If they get elected, we must shield them from lobbyists and other Washington insiders, give them highly able and scrupulously honest support staffers to help them deal with the technicalities of complex legislation. These newly elected representatives would be in constant contact with their constituents to gauge the express will of their voting public. Did you know that in Finland, regular citizens like you and I take turns serving in their legislatures. Their employers are by law required to hold their jobs for them for the term of their legislative duties.

      As to your other suggestion, I am absolutely for any mechanism which will make government and the creation of laws more responsive to the citizenry.