War Games

Axis and AlliesI have been saying for some time that the U.S. wants a war with Russia.

Why? Because if it can cut Russia down to size, then the only country standing between America and total global domination is China. China and Russia have been cozying up lately.  Together they are a formidable threat. Take out Russia, China becomes a manageable opponent.  That’s how the theory goes.

Let’s cut to recent events.

Terrorist attack in Paris.  Refugee crisis escalates in Europe.  Russia is on the job offering serious opposition to ISIL.  France and other European countries are finally talking about working cooperatively with Russia to defeat ISIS.

French Prime Minister Hollande is scheduled to meet in the next few days with Putin to put their heads together and coordinate their military campaigns against the terrorists.

Turkey blows a Russian fighter jet out of the sky. Its F-16 were laying in wait. Probably the Russian fighter never crossed into Turkish air space. Even if it did, it was even by Turkey’s own admission only allegedly in Turkish territory for 17 seconds.

In any case, blam! . . . down goes the plane.

IMMEDIATELY, Turkey turns to NATO — America’s proxy fighters — to obtain unanimous support and approval for its unquestionably reprehensible deed.


Because under the terms of the NATO agreement, if any nation belonging to the alliance is attacked, it is regarded as an attack on all members and they must then fight together as a unified force against the alleged aggressor.

Are you seeing now how this works?

Russia had without any reasonable or legal justification one of its planes shot down.

Understandably, Putin has publicly announced that from this point forward, it will defend itself against any threat to its forces in Syria.  It now has a naval ship in the area with the deadly S-300 air defense system, and is sending the even more effective S-400 air defense system to the Syrian base in Latakia.


If Russia shoots back in defense under any real or perceived threat — like Turkish F-16s or Turkish ground defense locking Russian planes with target seeking radar — in theory all of NATO must oppose it.

Total war!

Merry Christmas Ashton Carter, Victoria Nuland, and all of the other loathsome, wicked, hate-filled, neocon warmongers in our government.  Yeah, you get your big war, just like you wanted.

You don’t think Mr. Peace Prize Prez is playing a role in this provocative and extremely dangerous scenario?  Right after the plane was shot down, Obama expressed no criticism of Turkey.  Instead, he asserted that “Turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace.”  Moreover, it is implausible that Turkey did this without either the knowledge or prompting of the U.S. government.  Understand that Obama has been on board with the Pax Americana imperialist program of conquest for most of his presidency. If not, how can you justify his precipitating and lying about the crisis in Ukraine.  How else can you interpret the buildup of troops right on Russia’s borders, a direct provocation and chest-beating flaunting of our military power?  How else can you explain his unnecessary, counter-productive pivot to Asia, a publicly announced strategy for “containing” China?

Now the holiday season is upon us. We’ll all be enjoying the cheer, the time together with family and friends, exchanging gifts, playing Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, Candyland and Boggle.

Just so you know, while you’re having all sorts of innocent fun, here we have the lethal game our crazed leadership is playing.

But this particular game is not fun for the whole family.

War games will mean fewer members of your family to enjoy the holiday season next year.

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Let’s just shake hands and smile for the camera!

John KerryCorporate greed over sensible policy again was brazenly flaunted as the operating principle of our “forward-looking” leaders in Washington DC, as John Kerry just announced that the U.S. would not be party to a binding agreement fighting climate change, issuing from the upcoming UN climate conference next month in Paris.

President Obama, a man who is certainly never shy about aggrandizing himself and using any and all slippery language to give a flattering portrayal of his presidency for the history books, has at times crowned himself as the “environmental president“.

But there is little doubt where his loyalties lie and what his priorities are. The man has become the “drill, baby, drill” standard bearer of Sarah Palin’s ignorant, short-sighted vision for an America awash in oil and an Earth shrouded in a steamy blanket of CO2.

The oil and gas industry loves these guys, despite occasionally public grumbling.

Mr. Kerry’s announcement was not only baffling, it was fiercely obnoxious, again showing what it means to deal with the biggest baddest bully on the block.  The stated purpose, the recognized agenda, the very raison d’être of this critical meeting of the world community is unambiguous: The EU, for example, made its position very clear in September, stating that the bloc “is pressing for a global, fair, ambitious and legally binding international treaty that will prevent global warming from reaching dangerous levels.” (My italics.)

But America is an exceptionalist nation, deemed by historical destiny to somehow float above all others. Things like international agreements, existential threats, the laws of physics and nature itself, apply to everyone except the United States of America.

We make our own rules and create our own reality.

Thus, those other non-entities which comprise the other 195 nations in the world hosting the 96% of the world’s population who are not blessed to be Americans, should be honored that Mr. Kerry, as the personal ambassador of our environmental president, even takes the time out of his busy schedule to show up for some nice photo ops and to shake hands with the rest of the irrelevant world leaders who are attempting to do something constructive about a rapidly worsening crisis.

“Yes, Mr. Kerry and Ms. Merkel.  That’s looks great.  How about if you shake hands and smile?  Perfect!  This will be right on the front page of our news website tomorrow!”

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War Criminal as Stand-Up Comedian

Screaming OstrichPresident Obama said the following publicly at a fundraiser, poking fun at criticism of him by the Republican candidates during their first debate.

(You can watch the video here. Quote occurs around 4:48.)

“Have you noticed that everyone of these candidates say, ‘Obama is weak.  Putin is kicking sand in his face.  When I talk to Putin he is going to straighten out.  Just looking at him.  He is going to be . . .’  And then, it turns out they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators.”

We’ve come to expect this sort of cuteness from this charming man, who seems to think his role as a comedian trumps his responsibilities as the most powerful leader of the free world, whatever ‘free’ could possibly mean in this age of 24/7 surveillance.  This remark, while entertaining and clever, is instructive in many ways.  It says a lot about Obama as a man, that despite his air of constant cool, he is vulnerable even to the cheap shots of fools like the Republican candidates, and that he personalizes the challenges which America’s role in international relations presents.  It’s been very obvious to me for a long time that Obama perceives his differences with Putin as a schoolyard scrap, rather than a profound confrontation of ideas and alternative actions.  It seems to escape him that in our dealings with Russia, we are attempting to balance the national interests of two equally important and determined peoples, not fighting over who’s going to be quarterback of the football team or who gets to take out the homecoming queen on a date. 

Obama Speaks at UN 2015That he uses the most visible public podium in the world to level cheap shots at Putin, personal insults unworthy of a street thug, much less President of the United States, is both dangerous and counter-productive.  He has squandered a ton of good will tendered by Mr. Putin.  Certainly a lesser man than Vladimir would have long ago written off Obama as a childish dilettante.  But as we’ve observed at the G-20 meeting, he keeps insisting that he is open to cooperation and constructive engagement whenever the U.S. decides to stop pouting over its humiliation in Syria, and its horribly misguided and murderous actions in the Middle East now being judged by the world as the shameful disgrace they are.

On an entirely different level, in broad strokes it says even more about what is wrong with America’s entire world view, its self-sabotaging foreign policy, and its reckless insensitivity to the havoc and hardship we as a nation inflict on the world, all while beating our chests about our duty and entitlement as leader of all humankind to celebrate a new historic Age of American Splendor and Enlightened Empire.

victoria-nulandHowever, lately we’ve seen an even more baffling dynamic playing out.  We have on one hand, the bellicose, dangerously provocative hyperventilating of Ashton Carter, Samantha Powers, and the Devil Woman herself, Victoria Nuland (the scary creature pictured here).

Carter lumps Russia in with ISIS as the greatest threat to America, Nuland blames the Syria conflict, the refugee crisis, the Ukraine, and probably her clogged kitchen drain on Putin, the increasingly shrill Samantha Powers (see photo at the head of this article) is the MICs best friend with her mad R2P obsession, putting her in Guinness Record territory for the number of countries she would bomb into peaceful mourning . . . do I have to go on?  If you watch the news programs, you get pounded with the insane rants of these saber-rattling war hawks.  So you know.

At the same time, our Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde president steps into a phone booth, does a quick costume-change ala Superman, and becomes Mr. Diplomacy, all ready to do the right thing and actually start fighting terrorism in earnest.  This is, of course, after he’s wasted three years bombing camels and sheep dip in the desert, while caravans of white SUVs stretching as far as the eye can see, glide by on their way into Iraq and Syria, full of weapons provided at least in part by the CIA, paid for by our allies, smuggled in through Turkey, or air-dropped by the U.S. itself.

What is this, the diplomatic version of good-cop/bad-cop?

Maybe it’s the reincarnation of the Keystone Cops.

Why does anyone trust any of these people?

Obama Putin at G-20Yet here we see Obama, off in a corner, having a nice talk at the G-20 meeting with Putin, the same man he mocked and vilified both during his State of the Union address, and more recently with the eyes of the entire world watching at the United Nations.  How cozy.  How convenient.

Why does Putin still intimate that Russia is open to working with America, when time in and time out, America has proven it is entirely unreliable, lacking any concept or intent of dealing with others in good faith?  It negotiates treaties, then violates or walks away from them.  It grandstands, teetering like a circus clown on the high moral ground of dubious  self-proclaimed righteousness, while destroying countries, inflicting unprecedented levels of chaos and carnage, at the same time preparing for a major war with China or Russia, maybe both.  Is this hypocrisy, confusion, or just stupidity?

Moreover, why should we as U.S. citizens for a second believe that Obama and the motley collection of people HE CHOSE TO SURROUND HIMSELF WITH are at all sincere about engaging Russia — and of course the countries in Europe we have flooded with refugees by  bombing the Middle East for two decades now — in a serious discussion about a peaceful resolution to this mess?  Which one of these blowhards are we even supposed to listen to?  Talk about mixed messages.  This administration is at war with itself!

So what are we to do now?  Get our hopes up that things are turning around?  That policy makers have finally woken up and are ready to put things right?

Then again, what choice do we have?

Wait until after the next election to see which psychopath will lead the charge?

I guess we need to take stock and count our blessings.  Maybe personally, I should commit to being a dutiful patriot by firmly resolving to respect Mr. Obama and honor his service as our president . . . to our country . . . and to the world.

After all, he’s the best smart-ass money can buy.

And as war criminals go, the guy can sure yuk it up!

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You say you want a revolution?

New Bernie Sanders Revolution Poster

Bernie Sanders has called for a revolution!

Rah-rah-rah, sis-coom-bah.  Go Bernie!

But . . .

There’s great danger in such loose play with inspiring and provocative language.

Not the danger that citizens might rise up and actually incite a radical and much-needed transformation.  But the danger that the idea of such a transformation will be trivialized and gutted of any substance by empty campaign rhetoric and fatuous sloganeering.

What is he really saying?  Will he stop the drone attacks?  Will he cut the military budget by 40%?  Will he close 500 bases and bring the troops home?  Will he end the special ops missions which have occurred in at least 135 countries so far this year?  Will he put a halt to our self-sabotaging aggressiveness in the world, driven by the greed of DOD contractors and stoked by the neocon delusions of world empire?  Will he open a constructive dialogue with Russia and China to promote peace and multi-polar power-sharing?  Will he end the contentious, chest-beating encirclement of China — the silly sophomoric “pivot to Asia”?  Will he condemn the apartheid and aggression by Israel against the Palestinians?

I’m all for revolution.  But I’m for REAL REVOLUTION.

If Mr. Sanders wants to talk about revolution and stake out the higher moral ground, there is certainly a way to do it.  Refer to the above questions.

Understand there is more at stake here than the cosmetics of a campaign strategy.  Applying just a little common sense and a pocket calculator, one can only conclude that there is gross inconsistency and guaranteed failure in promoting an agenda of far-reaching domestic reform without conjoining it with a repudiation of America’s out-of-control militarism and imperial visions of grandeur.

Mr. Sanders’ critics from the right claim his socialist ideas will bankrupt the country.  And there is a lot of merit in this.  The simple, obvious truth is there will be no money at all for his wonderful ideas under the current budgetary regime, UNLESS we as a nation are cured of our addiction to war.

THAT is the revolutionary message.  War is bankrupting us and destroying any prospect of a good life for everyday Americans and a hopeful future for our children.

THAT is the sobering message we don’t hear from any of the candidates.  Sure, Jill Stein has consistently been saying it.  But the sad fact is that Green Party continues to conduct a stealth campaign which is all but invisible to the public.  Her ideas are never heard.

Most Americans are sick of war.  No voice is being given to the anger and frustration of the American public in this regard.  Even the constant demonizing by politicos and the media of Vladimir Putin and chicken-little fear-mongering about Russia is losing its punch.

Putting aside the current risks of moral bankruptcy, nuclear war, and economic collapse, it would be a shrewd and welcome move for Mr. Sanders to rethink his militarism, allegiance to the military-industrial complex, and tacit embrace of empire-building, and give voice to the truly revolutionary idea of America as a nation which promotes peace and harmony, democracy and freedom, cooperation and constructive engagement across the globe.

What a slick and audacious campaign strategy, eh?  Telling the truth to the American voter about how war is becoming a fast track to economic collapse and social disintegration.

Here’s an even BOLDER STEP toward a real revolution . . . http://peacedividend.us

Yes, I’m involved in this groundbreaking effort.  And yes, we are DEAD SERIOUS.

Real revolutionary thinking, folks!


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How Bernie Sanders Can Win and Turn America Around

Who am I to tell Bernie Sanders what he should do?Iv6L3Zi

Just an American citizen like you.

Just an individual participating in government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Just one person reaching out to other like-minded people — and there are a lot of us! — who think America is on the wrong track, that we need real leadership who will truly speak for us.

Here is a video of me making the announcement Bernie Sanders needs to make in order to win the presidency and turn this country around.  It’s what I believe people need to hear.  It’s a way for Mr. Sanders to rise far above the rest of the mealy-mouthed, cheap-talking Republican and Democratic candidates and win the trust and loyalty of the voting public.

Since I don’t pretend to be as forceful or eloquent as Mr. Sanders, please cut me some slack here and just use your imaginations a bit.

Notice that the idea is NOT JUST ABOUT BERNIE.

He’s only one man.  We need to make ALL CANDIDATES ACCOUNTABLE TO US!

I am convinced we need to take the guess work out of campaigning.

I believe we need to replace sound bites and photo ops with firm commitments.

I believe that the days of the honor system — trusting candidates and taking them at their word — is over.  But I believe that this actually works to the advantage of the “good ones”, the ones we probably can trust, like Bernie.  Thus . . .

I believe Bernie should challenge vague promises and nice-sounding campaign slogans of his competitors with a daring, LEGALLY-BINDING CONTRACT WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Not because we don’t trust him.  But to show the voting public in very stark and unmistakable terms that Clinton, Trump, and the others are completely full of hot air. They’re the ones who can’t be trusted.

I also believe Bernie needs to renounce some of his prior commitments on foreign policy and support for military waste.  He needs to affirm himself to be a man of peace, so we don’t have four more years of “talk” about peace, while America just promotes more war.  This commitment to less military aggression, reducing the DOD budget, ending the war crimes like drone bombing and illegal invasions, and getting the U.S. troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, should be spelled out in clear language in the contract.

Whatever the specifics, the basic idea is right there in the video.

And the strategy is described in detail in my two recent political books.

Do what you have to do, folks.  We’re still in the game . . . at least for now.

Bernie Sanders PantiesAnd, Bernie . . . if you’re paying attention, think about doing what YOU need to do.

Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and underwear with your picture are fine.

But maybe you need to really step up to the plate, eh?


CC_eBook Cover_Final_200x300 “Candidate Contracts: Taking Back Our Democracy” is available from all the usual suspects . . .

Amazon (Kindle) . . . amzn.to/1QJRiNZ
Apple (iBook) . . . apple.co/1BXnPcy
Amazon (Paperback) . . . amzn.to/1Cuq0du
Barnes & Noble . . . bit.ly/1GpTTLq
Smashwords . . . bit.ly/1B4DQCp
Direct from printer . . . bit.ly/1MGjDnN




“Fighting for the Democracy We Deserve” was published just a few weeks ago. But it is available both as a Kindle ebook and in print from Amazon . . .

Amazon US (Kindle) . . . amzn.to/1VMf2Ft
Amazon CA (Kindle) . . . amzn.to/1in513n
Amazon UK (Kindle) . . . amzn.to/1KfjtQO
Amazon JP (Kindle) . . . amzn.to/1OMslBG
Amazon (Paperback) . . . amzn.to/1L9SdIC



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NEAR agenda . . . does not include hypoallergenic lipstick.

NEAR-Logo_RedThis is the long term agenda of the National Endowment for American Renewal, more commonly referred to as the NEAR Foundation:

  • Americans should have a livable minimum wage and/or minimum guaranteed income. Due to automation, robotics, and computers, worker productivity has skyrocketed over the past four decades. At the same time, inflation has devalued the dollar and wages have been flat. All of the profits for the increase in productivity has gone to the wealthiest .1%, producing a tiny incomprehensibly wealthy elite and unprecedented levels of poverty. While the U.S. was never intended to be a classless society, the current extreme of stratification has undermined the most basic aspects of our society. We are fast approaching neo-feudalism, coupled with the authoritarianism that grows out of such a concentration of wealth and power in the hands of so few. This is not socialism, communism, or any other -ism. It’s just common decency and respect for the value of each person in a modern, affluent, pluralistic society.
  • No money in politics. Zero! First, people should stand up and declare unequivocally they will not vote for anyone who takes ANY money from corporations, lobbyists and PACs. Then, further down the road, by having elections 100% financed out of public funds, we can build a democracy where our legislators might actually have some time to legislate, and not beholden to the feeding trough of deep-pocketed corporations and the ultra-wealthy, they will be free to make laws which serve the needs of all Americans, not just the wealthy elite.
  • We need to reverse privatization and re-establish a commons. So much of what constitutes the foundation for a functioning society has been privatized — prisons, education, utilities, mail, roads, bridges. And it hasn’t worked out well, has it? The nation’s infrastructure is a shambles. With the concentration of wealth and power that is a corollary to privatization, poverty is on the rise and the quality of life for huge sectors of the American population in decline. For the richest nation in history, this is both an embarrassment and a profound tragedy. There are some basic things we should all be able to have free and open access to, facilities and services which should not be at the mercy of the so-called free market: education, clean air and water, energy, health care, retirement security, the internet, police, fire and ambulance services, nutrition and mental health counseling. This is not socialism. It’s having a country that works and serves the needs of all of its citizens.
  • The control and issuance of currency must be returned to the federal government. The Federal Reserve is no more “federal” than Federal Express, and as a result America is now hostage to private banks and we are rapidly becoming their serf-slaves. Either nationalize or abolish the Federal Reserve and return creation of our fiat currency to the people of America, regulated by a legitimate, functioning system of representative government.
  • We are long overdue to again respect the law, apply it equally and fairly across the board, both at home and around the world. We have a two-tiered legal system, a gentle one for the privileged, a brutal one for the rest of us. The oligarchs do what they want unfettered by pesky legal restraints. Sometimes the same laws which should apply are used to oppress and incarcerate the rest of us. Same thing on an international level. Two tiers. The U.S. bullies the world, ignoring treaty obligations and international law, treating other countries as vassal states. But it uses the same legal instruments as a bludgeon, holding every other nation’s feet to the fire with sanctions, UN resolutions, trade agreements — whatever — when it serves our interests, or more accurately, the interests of corporations and Wall Street banks, which are really setting the agenda. This gross hypocrisy is creating enemies everywhere.
  • We mostly tend to agree that capitalism provides a powerful engine to drive development and progress. But too much of it and societies are crushed, democracies destroyed, vast numbers of people are relegated to serf status. Other countries have strict regulation and state control to check the ravaging effects of unfettered capitalism. Now it’s America’s turn. Either we rein it in or we can kiss good-bye our once-great country as it descends into the dustbin of history, ravaged by greed and destroyed from within by shortsightedness.
  • The whole bogus concept of corporate personhood must be expunged. Totally voided. It was put in place by devious methods and now must be rooted out. This may require a constitutional amendment. More broadly, it’s way past time to drastically restrict the charters of corporations, such that the interests of people are balanced with the pursuit of profit. It is entirely legal to dictate that corporations act responsibly and take into account the needs of the community they serve, especially the communities where they reside. Ultimately this will not harm the economy, it will create a society which is healthy and prosperous for everyone. A vital component of changing the systemic role corporations play in the overall economy will be encouraging and incentivizing via tax policy and start-up funding employee-owned-and-operated enterprises.
  • America must be taken off of a war footing. The high-alert status both at home and around the world is nothing more than highly destructive fear-mongering. It is used to promote a belligerent self-sabotaging approach to international relations. It’s the product of a grossly delusional neocon imperialistic agenda which Americans, when they understand what’s going on, don’t support. This”exceptionalist” chest-beating only fills the coffers of the defense contractors and bankrupts the rest of us both financially and spiritually. We’ve meddled and bombed enough. Time to try peace and cooperation instead of threats and bullying.
  • Climate change is real. It’s happening. It could ultimately destroy the human race. Without a doubt if not reversed, it will reduce civilization to a shell of its former glory and sophistication. Let’s get to work. Global warming and resource depletion represent the greatest threats to mankind in recorded history. Responsible use of resources and creation of sustainable sources of energy are not only necessary, but could be the greatest unifying force ever! This represents a historic opportunity for a massive global initiative — one of renewal and fellowship.
  • Massive tax reform across the board is in order, closing of all loopholes, penalizing off-shoring of profits, and the complete elimination of corporate welfare. The wealthy should start paying back the country which gave birth to their monumental success. Inherited wealth does not give back to the community, the social and political environment that supported the accumulation of all that money. Tax it at 95% above $5 million. The heirs of the Koch brothers will just have to squeak by on their $5.2 billion. Capital gains? Capital gains is income. Tax it at the same rate as personal income. Speaking of which, it’s time to return to the progressive tax rates of the 60s and 70s. You know them. The ones which resulted in a thriving economy!
  • We need instant recall and term limits. Expertise and experience are both good things. That’s why elected officials have budgets to hire a staff. They also have complete access to the vast resources of the federal bureaucracy, which provides data collection and analysis, sociological studies, creative input at all levels on both the policy shaping and technical sides of creating productive and sensible legislation. However, our system is fraught with cronyism, revolving doors, legalized bribery, all of which are a product of a lack of transparency, unlimited tenure, and lack of accountability. There should be a mechanism which allows voters to recall their elected officials if they turn out to be turncoats or grossly incompetent. And just as the presidency now has a term limit, all elected offices should benefit from the variety of input inherent by rotating office holders on a regular basis. A president gets two terms. It seems reasonable that legislators, both in the House and the Senate be restricted similarly to two terms.
  • Democratize America. With computers, the internet, instant communications, participatory democracy is more possible than ever before in history. Issues important to the public could be decided with national electronic referendums. Gerrymandering could be eliminated with randomized drawing of voting districts. Abolish the Electoral College. It may have made sense two hundred years ago but it now distorts the process of choosing the nation’s chief executive. Finally, it’s time to institute instant run-off, approval or range voting. This will allow minor party candidates to run at all levels of government without the onerous fear that a voter is throwing away her or his vote.
  • Real health care reform which takes profit out of the system and sets up genuine competition for products and services is the next crucial step to having a viable health care system. This will reduce the chance that spiraling health care costs will bankrupt the country and nullify the other economic reforms which should be in place. Emphasis also needs to be shifted to preventive medicine. This means instituting educational programs on nutrition and healthy living choices, targeting all levels of society, not just in schools, but in homes, communities, in the media. It also means stricter regulations on the quality of our food, air and water, complete transparency about food additives, potential sources of toxins in the environment, and anything else which compromises the ability of humans to live healthy, productive, satisfying lives. All government agencies responsible for food, environment, product, and workplace safety must start doing their jobs, or heads should role. Corporations must no longer write the rules, provide the research data, or be allowed friendly access to the agencies charged with regulating them. And most certainly, industry insiders must no longer be appointed to head up government agencies which are overseeing the industries which pose a threat to the health and well-being of American citizens.
  • The neoliberal economic regime must be dissembled and replaced with a system which balances the needs and aspirations of all citizens against the greedy, unfettered pursuit of profit.  The vast majority of Americans are barred from having any say in establishing the economic priorities of the country.  Neoliberalism has exacerbated wealth inequality to frightening levels and has undermined the social, political, and moral fiber of the nation.  It defines stakeholders as only those with pecuniary commitments and resource control, yet we are all stakeholders on many different levels in the society we shape for ourselves and our children. Neoliberalism is tyranny with a Ronald McDonald smile. Time to end its hammerlock and release the real potential of the U.S. economy, which resides in its most valuable resource … the American people.
  • The Federal Reserve should be nationalized, a network of state-owned banks instituted, Glass-Steagall reinstated, the too-big-to-fail banks broken up into smaller business entities, the failure of such would in no way jeopardize the integrity or solvency of the national economy. Americans have seen trillions of their hard-earned tax dollars wasted on rescuing the behemoth banks, and rewarding the incompetence and recklessness of their executives. The Federal Reserve is a private club of high-rolling banksters masquerading as a public-service institution, and fronting the class war waged by the ultra-wealthy against America and its citizens. The entire current mega-bank regime it represents is looting the U.S. Treasury and burglarizing the U.S. economy. The wealth of our nation belongs to all of us. It’s time everyone got their fair share. It’s time to put a system in place that respects the birthright of every American citizen, that of participating in and fully benefiting from the enormous riches and resources we have been blessed with.
  • A massive conversion of an unprecedented scale must be implemented in redirecting the energy and innovative potential of the military-industrial complex toward projects which are non-military and address the mounting technological and environmental challenges facing the U.S. and the rest of the world. We can do this. When we needed to re-tool our vast industrial resources to fight World War II, within months we did it. Now that we are facing existential threats worldwide — many of them the direct result of the military-industrial complex itself — we need to re-tool our industrial and creative capacities to meet these challenges. There are many others but among the immediate priorities would be developing real solutions — not smiley face band aids — to the mounting crises of climate change, resource exhaustion, dependency on fossil fuels, arable land and potable water depletion, ocean pollution and overfishing, infrastructure deterioration, the threats of antibiotic-resistant pathogens, the potential for nuclear reactor malfunctions.

Pretty impressive, eh?

How often was any of this even mentioned in passing, much less explored in detail, during any of the presidential debates thus far?

I’ll give you a hint . . . about as often as we see geraniums sprouting between Stephen Colbert’s shoulder blades.

On the other hand, the debates are getting some outstanding ratings!

lipstickWhich is what counts when discussing the future of our country is reduced to entertainment spectacle and gotcha questions.

I guess the message is forget about political reform, forget about peace, forget about good jobs, forget about having everyone share in the enormous wealth of America, forget about clean air and water, healthy food, good schools, safe and prosperous communities.

Just keep borrowing more money to buy a new car, and keep topping out those credit cards for iPhones and designer sneakers made in China.

You saw the ads.  Now buy something, dammit!

[  She has got nice lips, wouldn’t you agree?  ]

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A Swan Dive Into The Abyss

White Spacer_10 pxincome-growth4-15White Spacer_10 pxThe above chart explains how the wealth of our country has dramatically migrated to the wealthiest .1% — literally only 152,000 people — over the past three-and-a-half decades.

This next chart shows that indeed America is “exceptional”. It is, as it likes to remind the rest of the world and its narcoleptic citizens, truly #1! Right there at the top of the list for wealth inequality among the major economies of the world. Gosh, it makes a guy proud!

wealth-inequality2Why is this suicidal?

Without getting into the economics — which falls in the category of killing the organism which hosts the parasite — the psychology is straightforward.

It’s not such a great idea to feed a population armed with 300,000,000 plus firearms the illusion that we have a democracy, promise them the splendor of unlimited if irresponsible affluence, empty their wallets while destroying their prospects of making a decent living, then rub in their face how pathetic, irrelevant, and nauseatingly poor they are from the deck of an extravagant multi-million dollar yacht, the luxurious cabin of a private jet, or from behind the walls of a grotesquely lavish estate.

Just not very smart.

Giving credit where it is due, America will achieve its arc of failure and self-annihilation — its swan dive into the abyss — with the self-assured grace and style which is the mark of a great empire.

The only thing that might attenuate its balletic descent into the dustbin of history would be a major war — almost certainly nuclear — which would incinerate the bird mid-flight.

Much to the chagrin and horror of some of us who are paying attention, this may just be where our country is heading, as we demonize and intimidate the other two major nuclear powers in the world, Russia and China, with a recklessness which would make Genghis Khan blush.

What’s for dinner?

Any good recipes for radioactive swan?

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Don’t call me crazy . . . just call me maybe!

abilify-2I just learned that the best-selling prescription drug in America is Abilify.

Abilify is not a pain-reliever, not an erectile dysfunction medication, not a weight-loss pill.

It’s an anti-psychotic!

Judging from the headlines I read from over here in Japan, it’s not working.

Or maybe not enough people are taking it.

Or maybe too many people are taking it!

Side effects include . . .

  • difficulty with speaking
  • drooling
  • lip smacking or puckering
  • loss of balance control
  • muscle trembling
  • shuffling walk
  • twisting movements of the body
  • uncontrolled movements, especially of the face, neck, and back
  • muscle spasm or jerking of all extremities
  • rapid or worm-like movements of the tongue
  • sudden loss of consciousness
  • uncontrolled chewing movements
  • uncontrolled movements of the arms and legs

Now I know for sure a lot of people are taking it.

Just look around you!

These folks need to cut back on their dosage or Cold Turkey immediately.

Abilify costs $30 per pill.

Meaning, people are paying $30 per dosage to experience what the manufacturer calls the typical “milder” side effects . . .

  • acid or sour stomach
  • anxiety
  • belching
  • blurred vision
  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • fear
  • fever
  • headache
  • heartburn
  • hyperventilation
  • inability to sit still
  • indigestion
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • lightheadedness
  • need to keep moving
  • nervousness
  • rash
  • runny nose
  • shaking
  • sore throat
  • stomach discomfort, upset, or pain
  • trouble falling asleep
  • weight gain

This is pure insanity.

Why would anyone pay $30 per pill for this much discomfort and misery when they can practically get it for free by just eating junk food and watching television?

There’s no magic pill — regardless of price — for making life better or more tolerable.

Evidence would suggest we have little control over much of what happens to us.

Life is full of both surprises and setbacks.  We don’t usually have to seek them out.

We certainly don’t have to buy over-priced medications to get kicked in the head.

Right, Carly Rae?


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The Post-Feminist Apocalypse

Symptoms of decadence and decay in a dying empire are not hard to identify these days.

I’ve assembled a montage of photos from the recent Wasteland Weekend in California City, California.  Read into them whatever you wish.  In view of the ongoing carnage we endure on a daily basis, America’s infatuation — or is it obsession? — with violence, and the unraveling of anything resembling civility or sanity in our politics, I predictably have to wonder . . .

Are we peering into the future?

By the way, since my own fashion sense is a flawed mechanism, I make no negative judgment here. In fact, I find what follows, if not pleasing, certainly spectacular and thought-provoking.

Thus, my insatiable curiosity prompts me to ask:  If indeed clothes make the man (and woman), then what version of homo sapiens exactly do we see being constructed here?

Without further ado, I present you the post-feminist ladies of the apocalypse.

Women of Wasteland

Golly, do they have a copy of The Road Warrior at my local video store here in Japan?

I need to brush up on survival tips.


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I’m not worried … yes, I am … no, not really … well, maybe a little.

lead_960The prospect of Donald Trump being elected president in 2016 doesn’t worry me at all.

He would be assassinated by the shadow government within 90 days of taking office.


That would mean that whatever half-wit buffoon — the bad clone on the ticket as his Vice-President, an even worse version of Mr. Trump himself — would now be in charge.

Would the self-declared-above-the-law slime balls in the CIA risk a “double-header” by taking out in such short order whatever unfortunate fool now sat in the Oval Office?

Of course, they would!  Accidents happen.  Fish bone stuck in the throat at a state dinner. Falling down the steps exiting Air Force One, splattering brains all over the tarmac.

The American public is so gullible.  No worries!  Problem solved.

But wait!  This time the shadow boys push things too far.  People are not just suspicious. The lights go on.  They figure it out!

“This is bullshit!” becomes the meme of the day.  Only it lasts for months and months.

And citizens are armed to the teeth!  Over 300,000,000 firearms in private hands.

Really scary!

Revolution anyone?

Naw . . . just one incredible made-for-TV shootout!  People dropping like flies.  Everyone starts living under their beds.  No one is safe anymore.

Hmm.  Anymore?  When is the last time we felt safe?

Millard_Fillmore._Waist_length,_seated_-_NARA_-_530497Who was president back then?

Millard Fillmore?

Frankly . . .

I’m a little worried.

How about you?


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