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The Real Debt Ceiling

THEY OWN! WE OWE! And that’s how you get the worst wealth inequality in our history. Other than a handful of legislators __ Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren certainly are talking about it __ and our president who gives lip service to this critical issue, there is no one in public life who is serious about addressing this threat to our existence as a nation. No one! Just about everyone in elected office __ to a man, to a woman __ needs to be replaced. Target date November 2016!
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Bye-Bye Miss American Pie

I love pie charts! They are so deliciously informative. A good pie chart makes data so digestible! What’s your piece of the American pie? Are you one of the 400 aristocrats who own more wealth than the bottom 150 million people in America? Probably not, unless you’re reading this on your yacht or private jet. Continue reading

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