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Life In Japan: New Years

Oh yes, what a wild time we had bringing in the New Year. Fasten your seat belts and savor the events which surrounded the onset of 2018 for us here in Japan. Continue reading

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Update: Stairway To Heaven

Why do we seek high places? We generally look up when we pray. We don’t send our prayers into the dirt, we launch them out and upwards to float into the ether of spiritual space. We certainly don’t ever aspire to the lower moral ground. We don’t say, ‘I’m at the bottom of the world.’ We don’t declare, ‘I had a valley experience.’ When we smoke a joint, we don’t get low. I guess we just assume that somewhere “up there” is some comfort. Maybe some answers. And if we don’t get the answers we need, at least we have a nice view or easy exhilaration. Continue reading

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Beauty . . . is everywhere!

“There is beauty everywhere.” I am learning to look for it. Continue reading

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