Is President Obama Under House Arrest?

obama_2008What can account for the President’s frequent silence and muted response on so many demanding issues of today?  Or his contrary positions, ones that are 1) against the best interests of the country, 2) politically suicidal in terms of his re-election and/or his ability to lead the country at a time which demands forceful, creative leadership, and 3) contrary to the narrative of his own life, the story he offered to get elected in the first place that told of his rise from relatively humble beginnings to positions of political responsibility where he could make a difference in the lives of common people?

Is he under house arrest?  Is it as the most fanatic and fantastical conspirators have been alleging, that there is some conservative cabal of absolute power and real control which is really running the country and holds the president of the hostage, rendering him a mere puppet to their self-serving agenda?

What is going on now in Wisconsin is an inspiring display of good, patriotic Americans demanding that the vampirish bloodletting of the American economy by the corporate elite be stopped and the viability of the middle class be restored.  Why is the President so silent on this?  If there was a recent historical moment when the bully pulpit of the office of the president could be used to stand up for decent, hard-working citizens, it is right now.  Is President Obama under some self-imposed gag rule?  Or maybe he is gagged.

Maybe the gag is on us.

It’s not very funny.

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  • Brilliant!

  • Gravesmith

    The image of Obama is that of a Rorschach blot: One draws out of it as one is configured. Almost Deterministically. That is, we see what we expect to see. We each imagine Obama to be, not necessarily what he has professed, but what we assume that he has professed. I have been confronted with some of the most amazing angst about how Obama has let us down…with statements and concepts he never espoused. But we wanted him to, and that’s more than enough to tag him with the responsibility to be all things to all people.nnnnnSaying that…The political climate today is one of no compromise, particularly from the Right. They are viscioous, unprincipled. They have even remade Reagan, whom today would not qualify as a respectable Tea Bagger. But that’s quite another story. My point would be that Obama has a slate full of promises to keep…that he intends to keep…but one misstep and he loses traction. Is it in the best interest of the country to provide the Right with fodder to destroy an idea for a generation, as what happended to Clinton and the health care balloon that he floated? To throw all of the good ideas and intentions out into the arena to be vilified — by even those people whom would vote against their own interestsd? Or would it be wiser…more pragmatic…more real politik to sidestep the minefield, chose the battles and how to fight them…carefully, and strategically accomplish what is actually possible to accomplish? nnObama realizes that he can’t enter into the discussion. All he can do is to elevate the topic. If he enjoins, the Right will tear it apart before it has time to germinate in any meaningful way. He wisely (in my own opinion) posits the Notion…makes an attempt to give the Notion select parameters, and then lets the conversation ensue. Anything; more and he loses the Notion entirely. That’s Reality in 2011. We are in a Civil War. Look at Wisconsin. And look at the Republican-led states who are following suit in their desire to disassemble the People’s Voice — the unions. nnSo…Please don’t forget that Obama got health care enacted. No mean feat. That accomplishment alone…if he did nothing else in his term…should be enough to warrant your respect and admiration.nnAnd he did that with a pussy-footing lame duck majority (or so we say), who actually accomplished more legislation than eny Congress since LBJ. We just don’t want to admit that hidden fact in all of our my-gut-seems-to-tell-me-otherwise arrogance. I urge all naysayers to look it up. Become aware. It’s not that the Democrats are all suddenly so fucked up…it’s the quality of the Right who would tear this country apart rather than allow the Democrats to prevail in any meaningful way. Anyone with an interest in actually moving this country forward in a positive direction has to work both harder and smarter — while we get to sit on the sidelines and vilify them as do-nothings.nnPolitically suicidal? I don’t know. He’s certainly going to be a casualty. But it isn’t his fault, and I don’t think it’s suicide so much as doing what he has to do within this current climate to make whatever incremental gains that he will be allowed to make by being patient and purposeful.nnSelf-imposed house arrest? Self-gagged? I see it with a different perspective. I see a guy making lemonade under extremely severe circumstances. I would defy anyone to find a leader who could do more given the economy he inherited, and saddled by this experiment with self-loathing, Palin-loving, Constitution-wielding, constitutionally illiterate I’ve-got-mine-so-fuck-you tea bagging sheep. Nader would have come in with guns ablazing…rushing into the Good Fight with vitriol and great intentions. People would have loved it for ten minutes., after which he would have forever been relegated to the margins of history, with nothing to claim as a a benefit to anyone who believed in him and voted for him…because he would not have had the patience to prepare his footing, or the willingness to have good people give up on him while he identified and massaged those Notions that he had a reasonable chance of impacting in a positive way.

    • Anonymous

      I would beg do differ on a few points. The main one (and the point of my post) is that I wonder at the timidity of the left in even trying to frame the discussion. The airwaves are constantly flooded with a lot of right wing propaganda and I see no comparable effort by the left ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS in order to provide what they consider the right answers. Obama has the tallest, most visible pulpit in the world. He should use it. So I asked the facetious question “Is He Under House Arrest?” I honestly think his main obstacle is a lack of perspective. The problems with America and the direction it is going are systemic. His approach to health care and the resulting legislation is a case in point. Obamacare will exacerbate the problems, not solve them. I recognize that there are some significant consumer protections in the bill and these will help a bit, at least until the insurance companies invent workarounds. But there are still what, 30 million people uninsured. The real problem with the health care system, the one that will ultimately break the country, are costs spiraling out of control. With no genuine marketplace competition or no incentives to reduce costs, the current 17% of GDP America now spends will just keep rising. Obama put some air in the tires and polished the hubcaps but failed to notice that the brakes don’t work. Same thing with Wall Street reform. He apparently has no fundamental grasp of how badly the cancer of unfettered speculation is metastasizing through the entire economic system. nnI do recognize he has done some great things for the country. But these may be too little too late.

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