Is President Obama Under House Arrest?

obama_2008What can account for the President’s frequent silence and muted response on so many demanding issues of today?  Or his contrary positions, ones that are 1) against the best interests of the country, 2) politically suicidal in terms of his re-election and/or his ability to lead the country at a time which demands forceful, creative leadership, and 3) contrary to the narrative of his own life, the story he offered to get elected in the first place that told of his rise from relatively humble beginnings to positions of political responsibility where he could make a difference in the lives of common people?

Is he under house arrest?  Is it as the most fanatic and fantastical conspirators have been alleging, that there is some conservative cabal of absolute power and real control which is really running the country and holds the president of the hostage, rendering him a mere puppet to their self-serving agenda?

What is going on now in Wisconsin is an inspiring display of good, patriotic Americans demanding that the vampirish bloodletting of the American economy by the corporate elite be stopped and the viability of the middle class be restored.  Why is the President so silent on this?  If there was a recent historical moment when the bully pulpit of the office of the president could be used to stand up for decent, hard-working citizens, it is right now.  Is President Obama under some self-imposed gag rule?  Or maybe he is gagged.

Maybe the gag is on us.

It’s not very funny.

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