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Public Shaming

If our current congressman can’t step up to the plate and play their very best game for the home team, they should be shamed, booed, reviled, scorned, humiliated, burned in effigy! Let them stew in the cauldron of the bad publicity they heap on themselves, then rot in a big foul steaming pile of their own wickedness, after we haul the garbage to the dump! They have no shame of their own, so we need to bring shame to bear down on them ourselves, exposing their deceptions and treachery. Then they will be confronted with a stark choice: they either start listening to the public they now arrogantly ignore or consign themselves to oblivion. Continue reading

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Candidate Contracts: Replacing Bad Brains With Good Brains

The brains of our elected officials, the monsters who roam the two legislative bodies of our government, the Senate and the House of Representatives, have been corrupted by money, effectively destroyed, are now lacking the capacity to fulfill their constitutional mandate. They no longer are controlled by the citizens who elected them to office. These bad brains now are exclusively the lapdogs of the rich and powerful. We must replace the bad brains. Continue reading

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Putting Boots (Birkenstocks) on the Ground: Part VIII

Here’s a dramatic example of how the candidate contracts can work in eliminating ambiguity and obfuscation, leapfrogging campaign rhetoric and doublespeak to determine exactly where candidates stand on critical issues. Continue reading

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Putting Boots (Birkenstocks) on the Ground: Part VII

Getting the truth out to the voting public on exactly where the candidates stand requires audacity, creativity, courage, some outside-the-box thinking. But it can be done. It should be done. It must be done! Voters don’t need to see protest signs. They need to see honest and clear choices at the polls. Candidate contracts leave no room for error or misinterpretation. They preclude elected representatives from going back on their commitments to their constituents when they enter the money chamber of the Washington DC bubble. Continue reading

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Putting Boots (Birkenstocks) on the Ground: Part VI

When we identify candidates who are on our side — the ones who willingly sign contracts for those specific things the vast majority of us want done — we unite behind them, a huge voting bloc of citizens who are serious about having true representative government — real democracy — in America. Candidate contracts are the surefire way of determining what candidates are on our side. Continue reading

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